How to Rap for Beginners: Learn How to Start a Rap

Many of the great rappers make their art form look easy, but learning how to rap is difficult, and time-intensive and it involves many more steps than most people might realize.

Everyone takes their journey when it comes to diving into the hip-hop space, but we have compiled a list of what you will need to do to begin rapping, we have placed them in an order that will hopefully make sense for most young people picking up a pen and microphone for the first time.

how to rap

Feel free to go at your own pace and perhaps even mix up the order, but know that you will need to check all of these off at some point if you want to be able to say you know how to grab the mic and flow.

Here is the guide:

1. Listen to rap

2. Study the genre’s history

3. Learn how to emulate

4. Choose a topic

5. Select a song structure

6. Look up rhymes

7. Dissect rhythms

8. Try a chorus

9. Write every day

10. Decide how you’ll get your beats

11. Practice, practice, practice

12. Seek out feedback

13. Share your art with the world

14. Begin freestyling

15. Look into performing live

Rapping Quick Start – How to Spit Rap Bars Step-By-Step

Rapping Quick Start – How to Spit Rap Bars Step-By-Step

So how one you rap? Before we explain everything about how to write rap lyrics in-depth, here’s an easy-start guide if you only have 5 seconds to read this post:

1. Find Beat/Instrumental

The initial step to writing rap music is to find a beat or instrumental (or create your own) that you love and vibe with. Choose something to rap on that you feel would fit your style and also your current state of mind.

2. Choose an Overall Topic

Next, select what it is you want to talk about in your song. The topic can be anything – what you’re feeling/thinking about, a narrative about you or someone else, or anything else.

Write about something real to you, regardless of what it’s about.

3. Find a Rap Flow and Cadence

Every song will have a specific flow or cadence of rhyming that will sound good with it. Just freestyle rhythmic ideas using gibberish words or freestyled phrases on top of the beat you selected.

Try out several things to find what flow works best.

4. Brainstorm the Rap Lyrics

Now it’s time to brainstorm lyrical ideas, rhymes, and phrases/words that you think are good. This can be tricky at first, but come up with different ideas to weave a story together. You will need verse and chorus ideas.

5. Fit Rap Lyrics Into Flow

Now that you have an idea of exactly what you want to say, find the nicest way to say it so that it fits the flow/cadence you chose in Step 3 above.

6. Refine & Rewrite Rap Bars

Re-writing your song and refining it to be as good as it can be is an important step in finishing your rap.

Try your best to sculpt the best bars by making your lyrics, flows, and (if applicable) melody the best they can be. Make sure they’re cool, and fit the pocket of the beat (not sloppy/off-beat too much).

7. Structure the Lyrics Into a Full Rap Song

Now that you have your lyrics written, it’s time to structure your rap into a complete song. Select the first and second (and potentially third) verses and finalize the chorus section as well.

Now’s the time to do a first draft/demo recording of your newly composed song.

Now that you have seen the steps highlighted above, with them, you can score the highest as a rapper. Kindly follow the steps in this guide get yourself on track and start moving to the limelight.

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