Our Focus

HQ Words focus on the power of expressions – words, feelings, body language, and actions. The aim is to educate, build, and entertain as well as develop and create a conscious use of quality words. The core of our products is mental health and creative writing.


HQ Words started on September 14, 2017, as a way of presenting and promoting my writing – poetry – which led to the registering of the domain name and on-line presence built solely on my collection of poems – Vials of Almonds. However, this will not suffice as the core of the themes in the writings fronted here are varied and bring issues of life to the fore and share practical approaches to managing life’s circumstances to motivate us to better living. Therefore, the aim of HQ Words is revised to reach out – to develop our everyday life as individuals, entertain us, and call us to action to promote positive social change related to how we express ourselves and our general well-being. HQ Words is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission under the name Poetry Rain.

Who Is Our Program For?

Our programs are suitable for people of different ages. We strike a balance between developing the mind and creating an avenue to have fun. As the name implies, the focus is to “Hold on to Quality Words”. Our training sessions inspire and create a balance between work and life. Visit the training section to check out our courses. You may take the online self-paced type or invite us in for a face-to-face session.

  • We ensure that the information presented here derives from research and relevant peer-reviewed and published journals. So the skills and suggestions made are tested and trusted.
  • We use creativity – Creative writing and arts to reach out. Therefore HQ Words is home for creatives and lovers of creative works. We also link writing to mental well-being.
  • You can also take advantage of our other products. We aim for quality at affordable prices. We also have books you will want to read. Visit our products and services pages. You can sell your books and creative products in our marketplace.

How You Can Help

“To continue to provide you with the best courses and information about creative writing and the positive use of expressions and how they affect us, we would like to hear from you. Please, leave a message in the comment box or use the contact us form. You may also e-mail us at hqwords.hq@gmail.com or admin@hqwords.com.
If you wish to contribute to our poetry bank or blog, contact us.”