10 British Drill Rappers You Should Follow in 2023

UK drill rappers play a vital role in reflecting the realities of urban life and giving a voice to marginalized communities.

uk drill rappers

While the genre has faced criticism, it has also provided a platform for artists to express themselves and resonate with audiences who relate to their experiences.

The UK drill scene remains dynamic and continues to evolve, with new artists emerging and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

UK drill rappers often use vivid storytelling to paint a picture of their experiences, giving listeners a glimpse into the realities of life in urban communities.

Their lyrics often depict the challenges, struggles, and conflicts they face, as well as the allure of street culture and the consequences of their actions. The music serves as a form of expression and a means for artists to share their stories and perspectives.

Top 10 British Drill Rappers You Should Follow in 2023

In 2023, the British drill scene continues to thrive with talented rappers making their mark. While the drill genre is known for its gritty lyrics and trap-inspired beats, it’s important to note that the content and themes of drill music can be explicit and may not be suitable for all audiences.

That said, here are 10 British drill rappers you might consider following in 2023:

1. Unknown T: With his distinctive voice and energetic delivery, Unknown T has gained popularity for tracks like “Homerton B” and “Addicts.”

2. Headie One: Known for his introspective and storytelling lyrics, Headie One has been a leading figure in the UK drill scene. Check out his collaborations with fellow artists like Dave on “18HUNNA.”

3. Digga D: Digga D’s raw and gritty style has earned him a dedicated following. Tracks like “Woi” and “No Diet” showcase his lyrical prowess.

4. SL: SL brings a melodic flow to the drill genre, blending catchy hooks with hard-hitting verses. Songs like “Gentleman” and “Bad Luck” have garnered him attention.

5. Russ Millions: While not exclusively a drill rapper, Russ Millions has made waves with his chart-topping collaboration with Tion Wayne, “Body.” His energetic delivery and catchy hooks make him a standout artist.

6. Abra Cadabra: Known for his distinct voice and wordplay, Abra Cadabra’s tracks like “Robbery” and “Spin This Coupe” have gained recognition in the drill scene.

7. Central Cee: Central Cee has been making waves with his melodic drill tracks. His song “Loading” has been a breakout hit, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

8. M1llionz: M1llionz brings a unique flow and charismatic energy to his music. Tracks like “Lagga” and “Bando Spot” demonstrate his lyrical skill and street credibility.

9. KO: KO has been making a name for himself with his hard-hitting tracks and gritty lyrics. Check out songs like “Mad About Bars” and “9er Ting.”

10. MizOrMac: MizOrMac’s emotional and introspective style has resonated with listeners. Tracks like “Return of the Mac” and “Try Me” showcase his storytelling abilities.

These are just a few of the talented British drill rappers to follow in 2023. The UK drill scene is constantly evolving, so make sure to explore and discover new artists as well.

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