Selling With HQ Words

As a creator, educator, caregiver, mental health specialist, and the like, you not only want to share your skills and experiences with others but also need a platform where you can monetize your products and services. HQ Words Marketplace provides you with this opportunity. 



–         As a seller/brand/vendor


 Having another platform for sales is always a great idea. 

  • Set up is easy and it is free.
  • You don’t need a separate website if you do not wish to have one.
  • You get instant access to a very large number of customers within and outside your locality. All customers that patronize the online marketplace automatically become your customers. Without paying or advertising, you gain customers.
  • You benefit from the reach of the marketplace. As the marketplace grows, you benefit from its expansion. Even though your brand may be new and unknown, selling in an online marketplace will help your brand get discovered.
  • Click here to see how to set up your store.

HQ Words does a great job in designing and marketing her platform. You will have a great experience working with us.

If you decide to sell with us today – you will never pay a monthly fee.


–         As a buyer 


  • Being able to purchase a range of quality products and services of quality brands in one place with amazing shipping and promotional deals is convenient and saves time.


What we offer


– Access to your own store. You can set up and customize your platform for sales, staff management, and access. 

– You get full reporting, see visitor numbers to your store, see product reviews, and you have the option to place your store on Holiday Mode. 

– Interfacing with customers where necessary.

– Processing payments for goods. 

– You receive your payment on the 26th of the month.


What happens after you signup?


– You create and customize your store within HQ Words

– Customers order your goods and services and pay through HQ Words checkout with either a debit card or bank transfer.

– The order generates a new order e-mail which automatically arrives in your inbox notifying you that you have a new order.

– You prepare and dispatch the order to the customer within 48hours (N/A for personalized items). Late dispatch should be within 72hours. In case of a delay in payment processing, order dispatch should be on hold until payment is completed, then the product can be dispatched.

– You change the order status to completed, and an e-mail automatically is sent to the customer advising them that their order is on the way.

– Your customer receives the order and is satisfied.

– We pay you monthly on the 23rd less our % handling fee.

– Click here to read more and sending and receiving funds.


HQ Words Marketplace Brand Journey



What we are looking for


– Makers and sellers of goods and services within the categories listed below. 

  •      Novels & storybooks
  •      Poetry books
  •      Comic books
  •      Textbooks
  •      School supplies
  •      Arts and crafts (materials and products)
  •      Technology relevant to school and learning
  •      Games



 HQ Words Marketplace Customer Journey


Who can sell with us?


We welcome Sole proprietors, partnerships, vendors, authors, artists, Publishers, etc. As long as you exhibit our core values of customer-centeredness, respect, timeliness, integrity, and service, you are welcome to sell at HQ Words.



Curation policy


– You are to provide clear photos for your products. We will deny publishing products with photos that were not taken in good light and photos that are not clear.

– The preferred photo option is white background photos for marketplaces and lifestyle photos – showing the product in use.

– Images should be consistent across products and platforms.

– If you need assistance with photo editing, please follow this link to request our service for a fee.


Customer service


  1. Customer Service – HQ Words acts as your customer service. Therefore, we need all the information necessary to handle enquiries about your products. Vendors should provide such information about their products. There are times we may also contact you for further clarification. Please, provide the information promptly.
  2. Help us reduce customer issues – Vendors should do this by 
  • Dispatching goods on time. Goods should be dispatched within 48hrs at the latest.
  • Informing the customer of your tracking information for the dispatched product.
  • Marking out-of-stock goods to ensure customers do not pay for them.
  • Managing issues on goods that were marked damaged on arrival.
  • Placing your store on holiday mode when you are not available for a long time to attend to orders.



Reasons we may ask you to leave


  1. If we have to follow up three (3) late orders within the same month, we will place your store on holiday mode for one 1month. Thank you for understanding that the points raised regarding customers are important to us.
  2. If we have similar issues three (3) times a year, we will sadly say goodbye. We do not wish to let our customers down nor create a bad image for other vendors.
  3. If we confirm that you lack the authorization to sell a product or products exhibited. We will notify you and place your store on holiday mode until appropriate documentation is provided or the product or products have been removed from your list.


We will close your store immediately if you do any of the following –

  1. Add customers’ e-mail addresses to your database without their consent on your website.
  2. Not delivering goods and services paid for.

We hope none of these would arise.


Thank you for understanding. Poor customer management will bring negative reviews, and we wish that HQ Words and the vendors on HQ Words Marketplace get good reviews.



How to register as a vendor with HQ Words


  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account
  3. Select Register
  4. Complete registration. A mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to confirm your address.
  5. Open your e-mail and click on the link provided to confirm your e-mail address.
  6. Now you are done. You can begin setting up your store. Click here for a step-by-step guide to setting up your store.


Other details about selling with HQ Words are found in our Vendor Code of Conduct.