What Should I Wear to a Comedy Club? (Do’s and Don’ts)

You probably have some clothes in your closet with your favorite comedy club knock-off on them. Well, there are some things that you should know before heading to a comedy club. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you before making a trip to the club.

A comedy club is a fun night out, with laughs and good times. You’ll be immersed in the world of stand-up comedy, there are no rules, just show up and have a great time!

But you want to look your best and make sure you leave feeling great about yourself. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on hitting the open mic at the nearest comedy club.

What is a Comedy Show?

A comedy show can be a stand-up comedy show performed in a theater by a famous comedian, or it can be a comedy club event (i.e. a bar or restaurant) where local comedians perform a stand-up act in front of an audience who enjoys their jokes and drinks with their friends.

Regardless of how large or small the venue is, the overall experience is the same, and people prefer to laugh out loud at jokes in person rather than typing LOLs behind their screens.

So, whether you go to a comedy show or a comedy club, you can count on a fun night out with your friends.

Simply put together an outfit for this hilarious comedy adventure.

What to Wear to a Comedy Show

This is frequently my go-to outfit for a semi-casual yet formal outing to a comedy club. Instead of a top, I’d go with a shirt of some kind and pair it with a simple leather jacket. Finish it off with a pair of dark denim jeans and Chukka boots, and I’m ready to go.

So let’s go over what to wear from head to toe.

1. Shirt

what to wear to a comedy show

On the top half, you should ideally wear a casual shirt of some kind. It can be a top, but I would avoid a shirt that is too bright in terms of color or has any specific slogans on it. Again, this can give off an overly casual vibe.

A good rule of thumb is that if you find yourself lounging around at home in a T-Shirt or top, it is not a top you want to wear out and about.

2. Jacket


Then, depending on the weather, you can layer it with a jacket of some sort, which also helps to literally cultivate the outfit with layering.

I prefer a classic leather jacket, but any smart-looking coat or jacket will suffice here.

3. Pants

what to wear to a comedy show

Then you can wear chinos or even jeans if they are darker in color and complement the rest of your outfit. The more daring your trousers, the more likely you will be turned down.

Depending on how casual the comedy club is, you might be able to get away with wearing shorts, but you don’t want to risk looking underdressed.

4. Shoes 

Finally, finish the look with a nice pair of shoes. They don’t have to be work shoes; instead, some casual smart-looking boots, such as a pair of Chukkas, are a good option.

Choose a date outfit, and that’s the level of dress code you want to aim for when going to a comedy club. When it comes to comedy club attire, you can both overdress and underdress. Let’s take a look at how that works.

What Not to Wear to a Comedy Club

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the guy’s outfit above; after all, it’s just a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and some sneakers. The issue that a comedy club may have (and this is not true of all of them) is that the outfit may appear to be underdressed.

He could have worn a shirt and chinos or trousers instead of a T-shirt. Instead of trainers, he could have worn a pair of Chukka boots or another type of smart-casual shoe.

Similarly, a suit clearly looks dapper. However, it is overdressed for a comedy club; wearing a full-on tie and blazer to a club is far too formal. However, it is much easier to tone down this look than it is to tone down an overly casual look.

If the weather is cool, simply remove the blazer and replace it with a jacket. Then take off your tie and undo a button. If necessary, rough up the hairstyle. Then, while you’re probably on the smarter end of the audience, you won’t be out of place.

So, if you’re unsure, it’s often better to overdress rather than go undressed for this occasion.

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