How to Watch ‘Cry Macho’: Here’s where You can Stream the Latest Neo-Western from Clint Eastwood

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Maidenhood by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   Maiden! with the meek, brown eyes, In whose orbs a shadow lies Like the dusk in evening skies! Thou whose locks outshine the sun, Golden tresses, wreathed in one,

Maiden And Weathercock

Maiden And Weathercock by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow     MAIDEN O weathercock on the village spire, With your golden feathers all on fire, Tell me, what can you see from your perch Above there over

Mad River In The White Mountains

Mad River In The White Mountains by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1894.   TRAVELLER Why dost thou wildly rush and roar, Mad River, O Mad River? Wilt thou not pause and cease to pour Thy hurrying,

Hymn To The Night

Hymn To The Night by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   I heard the trailing garments of the Night Sweep through her marble halls! I saw her sable skirts all fringed with light From the celestial walls!