Creative Extracurricular Activities to Engage In

Extracurricular activities - hiking

Creative Extracurricular Activities to Engage In

Are you looking for Creative Extracurricular Activities to Engage In or maybe for your children? Read on to fine some of the best creative extracurricular activities to engage in.

Extracurricular activities - hiking

Finding the best activity to engage in when you are on holiday can be tasking. You could choose from learning a skill to getting a hobby or perfecting your skills. It could get overwhelming, and that is why we are here.

How you spend your time after school can directly shape your future. If you are looking for a hobby or a skill that you will enjoy and benefit from, keep your eyes glued to your device and continue reading.


What is an Extracurricular Activity

Before we go deep into discussing the many things you could work with, let’s understand what extracurricular activity is.

Extracurricular activities are normally performed by students. They are called extracurricular because the activities are done outside the regular academic curriculum of the schools they are attending. These activities are not compulsory but elective for students; they are usually voluntary, mostly done out of joy and excitement. For an activity to be considered extracurricular, it must be a talent or something that brings joy or value to another individual. These activities help to brighten the minds of the students and open them to new opportunities. Apart from that, extracurricular activities look very good on a

college application letter.


Creative Extracurricular Activities to Engage In

These are several activities that children, youths, or adults can engage in. There are so many extracurricular activities, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that will fuel your passion. Below is a list of some of them.

1. Academic Club: If you are a student, you can join any club at your school. Some of these clubs include writing clubs, media clubs, web design, peer tutoring, history club, and so on.

2. Art: If you have a solid interest in art, you can unleash your creativity through any of these ways – Photography, sculpture making, drama, sewing, graphic or fashion design, and weaving.

3. Community: If you are the type that loves to give back to society, then these extracurricular activities will be good for you. Kids Helping Kids, mountaineer club, community festival.

4. Government: If you are interested in politics and learning about the ways of your government, then we advise that you look into these extracurricular activities. They include student council, community government, and so much more.

5. Leadership: If you are a natural leader who is looking for where to display your skills, we advise you to focus on these extracurricular activities. One that we see as very important is the peer leadership group.

6. Media: If your social skill is top notch and you are looking for where to spread news and information to your school and community, you could try making a movie or taking an internship

position in a magazine, local newspaper, television, or radio studio.

7. Music: For all the popstars and superstars out there, who are looking for where to put their talent to good use, we advise looking into these different fields: singing lessons, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, etc.

8. Performance: So you love the spotlight and want to always be in it, then these extracurricular activities are perfect for you – miming, puppetry, dance, stand-up comedy, etc.

9. Religious: If you desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself, these are the areas you should look into – church group, youth group, and missionary work.

10. Sports and Recreation: This is the part that almost everyone will find interesting. Some sporting activities you can engage in include hiking, football, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, and so much more.

11. Technology: These extracurricular activities can also help you earn some money. They include blogging, web designing, and a YouTube channel.


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Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Engaging in extracurricular activities can bring a lot of satisfaction to its doer. To students, it deepens their understanding of how society works and improves their overall knowledge in the classroom. 

Some other benefits of extracurricular activities include:

1. It creates a social opportunity for students to interact with their age mates with like minds.

2. It brings about higher self-esteem.

3. It improves academic performance and productivity.

4. It looks good on resumes and college applications.

5. It helps the student learn a skill or two.

6. It enhances the sense of commitment and encourages teamwork.

Extracurricular activities are good for all and sundry, and it is important to find one and engage it. We hope this article will help you find that skill that you love.

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