Creative Ways to Maintain Toddler’s Body Weight

Are you worried that your toddler may be putting on more weight than is good for him or her? Here are some creative ways to maintain toddler’s body weight.


Creative Ways to Maintain Toddler’s Body Weight

Toddlers can be a handful at times. They mostly love to develop an eating disorder, especially when it comes to sugary foods. These foods then turn around and hurt their body system. These foods provide the kinds of energy they don’t need and lead to obesity.

Normally, children need the energy to grow; this should be gotten from healthy foods, not sugary ones. The reason is mostly that the quantity of energy stored in these sugary foods is more than they need to maintain a good body weight. So when they take in these foods, they won’t be able to expel most of them through exercise, and as such, they end up being overweight. The tricky part, however, is that it is not totally possible to know when a child is overweight, especially for a toddler. The best way is to ask your child’s pediatrician to check their body weight and see if they are on the right track.

According to Dr. Staiano, a two-year-old girl who has an average height (37 inches) would be considered underweight if less than 29 pounds, overweight if between 35 and 37 pounds, and obese if over 38 pounds.


What To Do If Your Toddler Is Overweight

Your child’s body weight is not the end of the world. There are several ways to tackle the issue. If you find out that your child is overweight, here are a few things you could do to remedy that.

First, you can meet with your child’s pediatrician, and together, it will be easy to devise ways to solve the problem. In as much as a reduction in the body weight of the child will automatically lead to an increase in height, you should never place your baby on a healthy diet without consulting with his doctor first. When you get a diet from his or her pediatrician, try to ease the child into the new changes. Babies are fragile and sometimes very stubborn. If you dump the new diet on them, they may reject food altogether. Because in reality, moving from ice cream and candies to veggies in a night is a difficult process.


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Ways To Make Your Toddler Maintain A Good Body Weight

When you have finally succeeded in getting him or her to start a diet, you must follow these simple steps to maintain the optimum body weight.

● Be Attentive To Your Toddler: It is not enough to ensure that your baby follows a diet at home. It is also important that you know what the child eats when away from you. If your child has a playdate at his friend’s place, you can ask the friend’s mother of his friend to feed him some specific meals. Also, if he goes to daycare, you should find out what he is being fed, the kind of exercise he does, and how long the teachers allow them to watch television. If you are not comfortable with your findings, you can take him to a different daycare or suggest better ways to the daycare center.

● Encourage Your Toddler To Try Nutritious Foods: You must continually motivate your child to eat healthily. If you leave him or her without any motivation, they will quickly go back to eating

junk behind your back.

● Avoid Fruit Juice: We are not saying that fruit juice is bad. However, you should limit the rate at which your baby consumes it. This is because most fruit juices have artificial sweeteners added to them; this only increases the fat that will accumulate in your child. We advise using milk or water instead of fruit juice.

● Help Your Child To Get Plenty Of Sleep And Exercise: Sleep helps your baby to stay calm and rest. When they are in this state, the idea of a new food type will not make them cranky. For

your child’s exercise, you can easily enroll him or her in a local playground. Your child doesn’t need to start lifting heavy objects to lose weight.

● Reduce Screen Time: Television shows for children aren’t bad, but when your child continuously sees advertisements about sugary foods, he will be tempted to want to try one, and that will lead to another, and before you know it, he is back to sugary foods.

● Practice What You Preach: To fully get your child to eat healthy foods, you must also eat healthy foods. We advise having family dinners and ensuring that everyone eats a healthy dinner. It will help your child not feel left out, and he will be more than happy to continue eating.

Remember, the habits you teach and impact on your children when they are young, they grow with. To ensure that they eat healthily and they will always eat healthily.


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