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Creative Ways of Administrating Toddler’s Medication

As parents, we are all about the well-being of our children. Here are some Creative Ways of Administrating Toddler’s Medication to help you achieve your aim.

Creative Ways of Administrating Toddler’s Medication

So you have recently put to birth, and the joy of motherhood is overwhelming and sometimes frustrating because your child doesn’t want to take medications even when they are very sick. Well, you can’t blame them. You see, a toddler is a child of 12-36 months. At this time, the brain is not fully developed, and the child doesn’t know that the medication you are about to give to him is for their good. But it doesn’t change the fact that they are sick and a ‘mom gotta do what a mom gotta do.’

But not to fret, we know how much children love colourful and playful things. So in this article, we are going to be discussing the different ways you can administer medication to your kids without any hassle from them. And no, you don’t need to be Mary Poppins to get them to take their drugs. All you need do is take a paragraph out of this article and practice any of these creative methods. 

Do you believe that it is possible? Stick around and find out.

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How To Get Your Toddler To Take His Medication

Children naturally don’t love anything that doesn’t taste sweet, so it might be very difficult to get your child to take his drugs. But if your child loves taking his medicine (because some children do) but doesn’t like to swallow it, you can try smashing the drug – if it is in a pill form, and dissolving it in water and

then hand it over to him to drink it. When he finishes the drink, remember to encourage him and tell him how proud you are of him. You can even go the extra mile to brag about it to your friends or his teddy bear in his presence; it will help build his confidence.

But if your child detests medicines, there are many other ways to get him to take them. They include:

1. Hide the medicine: Yes, we said it. What your child doesn’t know won’t kill him. Right? So, instead of telling your baby that it is time for his medication, you can easily ask him to come to collect some apple juice or any of his favourite drinks. But before you do this, we advise you to check with your child’s doctor if it is advisable to dissolve the medicine in his drink or to hide it in his meal. If he says that it is, then go right ahead and do it. But ensure that he finishes the whole drink to get the full dosage.

2. Keep a happy face: The last thing your child wants to see before he takes a medicine that he does not like is the face of his mom looking angry or sad. Toddlers react to what they see. What they see also affects their brain activity significantly. So when they see you angry or sad, you will be giving them the impression that taking medicine is a punishment or hardship. And when they notice that expression on your face, they will know they are about to experience something very unpleasant.

3. Break the medicine into smaller pieces: Sometimes, your child may not want to take his medicine simply because they are too large for him to swallow. So consider breaking the drug into smaller chunks that he can easily swallow and give it to him at different intervals. But you have to keep it in the back of your mind that some children don’t like to prolong the inevitable, and if your child is among them, then this method won’t be that efficient.

4. Bribery: Uh huh, bribery can go a long way in making your child do the needful. Imagine if you promise him a piece of candy or some chocolates before bed if and only if he takes his medicine. He will be more than happy to do it. So by promising to offer your child a treat, you can get him to

take his medicine.

5. Perfect your shot: This creative way of administering drugs will require a little bit of skill and maybe a pair of extra hands. What you have to do here is to ensure that the medicine

doesn’t touch the taste buds located at the front and centre of the tongue. You will have to skillfully place the drug on the back of his tongue or the insides of his cheeks. Ensure the medicine is placed in a way that it easily slides down into her throat without touching the taste buds. It will reduce your child’s disgust for that medicine.

6. Change your method of delivery: If your child has been taking his medicine from a spoon and has grown weary of always perceiving the terrible odour, you can opt for a plastic syringe and or a medicine dropper. These will help the medicine get into his system without him smelling it and sometimes, even tasting it.

7. Change the form of the medicine: Some drugs for toddlers exist in a chewable form, which it has been proven that most children enjoy. So instead of forcing your child to take those hard pills, why not give him a drug he can have fun with along the way?


Administering Eye Drops To Toddlers

A pediatrician named Rassekh once said that getting medicine into a child is one of the hardest things to do, but with every child, there is a right method of doing it. You just need to find it.

You may think it is close to impossible to get an eye drop into the eyes of a child, but that is not the case. All you need to do is to make your child lie down on his back and then hand him two pieces of tissue paper. You will then explain to the child that his job is to wipe away any drop that falls down his face. (Yes,

you can do this part alone, but this will give him the impression that he has a say and some authority over it.) Then tell him to close his eyes, then carefully drop the medicine into the inner corner of both eyelids. When you are done, ask him to open his eyes. If you did it properly, the eye drops should slip into his eyes.

Lastly, if your child still doesn’t take his medication after you must have used all these approaches, you can put a soda can in front of the medicine and place the straw inside the medicine container instead of the soda. That way, he would be drinking the drug portion while thinking he is drinking the soda. It is a bit cunny but very effective.

Hope you found at least one method amongst these Creative Ways of Administrating Toddler’s Medication that can support your journey as a parent.


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