The Girl Who Killed The King

The Girl Who Killed The King is about deceit, war, and romance.




The Girl Who Killed The King

Once upon a time, in Old Town, Calabar, there lived a king who was very powerful and feared by all. His name was Mbotu. Mbotu was a very famous king who was great in battle. He was also very successful as well as a skilled leader. The man captured lots of his enemies and made them prisoners. However, just as his kingdom grew and his people fell in love with him more, he was hated by many others; his enemies increased in number.

One of the people that hated him so much was the land of Itu. They were always scared that the young man may one day decide to destroy their land, so they hated every mention of his name. This also brought fear to them. They wanted Old Town, Calabar, destroyed. However, they knew they were not powerful enough to kill them. So they called for a meeting.

“What are we going to do?” asked one of the elders.

“These people grow stronger by the day with every land they capture, and we know that soon, it will be us they target. We need to eliminate them before they even come to us.” The head of the council stated.

“Yes, but how do we go about eliminating them? Our weapons can’t match up with theirs, and neither can our army,” their King said.

“I may have a solution,” one of the elders said, and the entire room went quiet to hear what the man had to say.

“What are you suggesting?” The King asked.

“We have an old witch in our possession. We can ask this woman to turn into a very beautiful young girl, seduce King Mbotu, and then kill him. I have heard that the King adores little girls.”

“Hmm, this is a very good idea. Guards, bring the old witch to me,” the King said, and in less than an hour, the old witch was brought to the King and his elders.

“Witch, we want you to do something and liberate our people from bondage. You know that the King of Old Town, Calabar, is planning on destroying us. We need to kill him before that. So we want you to change into a young beautiful girl, seduce the King, and then kill him.”

Immediately, the old witch agreed; this made the people very happy. The old witch set to work, and by the end of the day, she was a very beautiful girl. She then started her journey to the Old Town, Calabar. When she arrived, they were having a feast, so the woman decorated herself with the most beautiful clothes and accessories and went to the feast room.

As soon as she entered the room, all eyes were on her. The people were amazed at such beauty; they could not believe their eyes. Soon words got to the King about the beautiful girl that just arrived in his kingdom. The King, being a lover of beautiful young maidens, immediately sent for her to be brought to him.

As soon as the girl reached where the King was, the King was mesmerized by her beauty.

“Beautiful one,” he said. “I want to marry you right away,” the King held the girl close to him. The witch smiled and agreed. She didn’t believe the plan would work so easily, but she was glad it did.

The next day, the old witch prepared a dish for the King and then applied a sleeping potion to it, but because the potion needed time in the food before it could be effective, she stepped out for a wash in the stream. In the evening, the old witch came back. She carried the food and took it to the King.

“My dearest King,” she said when she got into his chambers. “I made this dish, especially for you. I think you should eat it right away.” She added with a hint of finality.

“Oh, my dear. Do you mean that you made this for me? Then I must eat all of it.” And so the King ate the entire food, and within a few hours, he began feeling sleepy.

“My dear,” he said to the old witch. “I am beginning to feel sleepy. Let’s retire to my inner chamber,” and the old witch helped him into his chamber, where he fell into a deep sleep.

As soon as the old witch was sure that the King was fast asleep, she took a sharp knife and slit his neck, and cut off his head. She then placed the head inside a bag and took it back to her land. When her King saw her approaching with a bag, he stood up from his throne. Then the old witch dropped the head of the King of Old Town, Calabar, on the floor.

The King of Itu land immediately declared war against Old Town, Calabar, and prepared his army. The King also made sure that no one took the news to Old Town, Calabar, to tell them that they were going to be invaded.

The people of Old Town, Calabar woke up, and for hours when they didn’t see their King make an appearance, they decided to look for him. The wife went to his chambers, but the door was locked. She called his elders and some youth, and they forced the door open and went to his inner chamber. When they finally broke the door, they saw their King covered in a pool of blood but without his head. The people of Old Town, Calabar, mourned their King and didn’t suspect that the beautiful young girl had anything to do with it.

During their mourning, the people of Itu struck and killed all of them and overtook their land.


Moral Lesson

  • Never marry a stranger.
  • Do not trust people easily. Trust should be earned over time.
  • Be careful what you eat, especially whose pot you eat from.


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