Jiangnan Song

Jiangnan Song

Jiangnan Song is originally written in Chinese. The translation below is by Bijaan Noormohamed.


Jiangnan Song

by Zhang Xun

Do not return to the king for some days; sunflowers and wild grains will serve the people. Store your money in your belt; the autumn winds stir your silks.

Colorful hibisci are boundless; the red quilts fold over the cold waves. This autumn night is so long: I feel lonely in the golden boudoir.

Atop the bridge, it is difficult for the purple martin to take flight; the phoenix intends to die before the mirror. Thinking and remembering, yet not seeing, the king, Jiangnan dreams of being ferried west, above the clouds of Longxi Mountain.

The day before yesterday, the book was wet with tears—there’s no need to inspect the pomegranate skirt.



Original poem

江南曲 (“Jiangnan Song,” literally “Southern Yangtze Town Song”)



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