Daddy’s Little Girl 2 – Letter to Parents

Daddy's Little Girl 2..

Daddy’s Little Girl 2 – Letter to Parents

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by Finayo


Daddy’s Little Girl 2 – Letter to Parents


Daddy's Little Girl 2..I had talked with my daughter.

Now, I want to speak with other parents, parents who have a girl child.

You may be in Asia, America, Africa, or Europe.

Whichever part of the world you are in, please give me a little of your time.

Let s talk.


Whether your child is a girl or a boy, it is a blessing from God.

There are many beliefs and practices in the world that abuse the rights of the girl child.

I’m not against any tradition or belief, but against any practice that violates the right of any human being, especially the girl child.

The boy and the girl both have blood running through their veins.


Sometimes, the girl child does better in some professions.

Why don’t you give the same opportunities to the girl child and pray for her wishing her well?

Parents should not be a hindrance to their children.

As parents, we are to prepare the child and equip the child to face the world and its challenges.

But when it comes to the girl child, we do the opposite.

You say the girl will become pregnant, and she will not go far in life.

Oh please!


These beliefs had blocked lots and lots of great destinies. Why not give the girl child the privilege first and watch her do well. You are a steward – the child is just in your care. How faithful are you with this gift?

You do not know tomorrow. You are just the parent.

Even if the child makes a mistake or gets pregnant, that is not the end of the story.


The child can still be guided by you – the parent.

As a parent, you have a role to play, and this is not the manipulating and controlling you sometimes do.

The girl child should be taught sex education just as the boy child.

Do not value one above the other.

The girl child needs to be educated, encouraged, and inspired to be the best in whatever she chooses to do.

The girls are our mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, and daughters.


How much value we place on the female child has a lot to do with our society.

The things that happened in time past are happening now and will still happen unless we have a bearing on the values the families placed on their children – both boys and girls alike.

Mindset is everything!

Change your mindset!


Our girls are blessings as well as the boys. It is unwise to place more value on the male child at the expense of the female child.

All genders are great – they are gifts from the almighty.

These problems in our society are traceable to families.

Therefore, let every home place a high value on their children. The girls who have been neglected over the ages, pay attention to them because truly girls rule!



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