How To Classify Romance Novels

Do you love romance novels and sometimes wonder if the genre has sub-divisions? This article discusses how to classify romance novels.

Romance novels are one of the most popular novels that can easily change our mentality and keep us entertained. Also, romance novels could make us fantasize about imaginary characters we have read about, lower our stress levels, lessen the chances of us contracting health diseases or sicknesses, etc.

We should, however, be mindful of the type of romance novel we consider reading depending on the stage of life we find ourselves in, and this is why I will be walking you through the genres of romance novels in this guide.


Types Of Romance Novels


1. Historical Romance

Just as its name insinuates – Historical romance is based on historical times and events. This type of romance novel is designed and relies on an accurate representation of the period that it was characterized in.

Everything that pops up or is seen in a historical romance is affected by the attention of when it was written about.

You see, if a romance novel is about characters in the Civil War era, it would be inappropriate for them to be using phones or driving cars because, in their time, there were no such gadgets.

So, when writing on historical romance, proper research on the rules of courtship, cults, customs, norms, and clothing of the olden era in your novel matters. Also, you will have to formulate it to seem real.


2. Romantic Suspense

Each time Romantic Suspense is mentioned, what comes to my mind is a combination of mystery and thriller elements in romance plots.

In relating it to Romantic suspense novels, it combines mystery, thriller scenes, and romantic relationship plots.

Most of the time, two people of mostly opposite genders must figure out a crime or a concealed secret together, with one character serving as the victim while the other serves as the protector.

Romance suspense usually has its romance story fit together with the suspense, bringing about blended plots.

Classes of romance novels

3. Young Adult Romance

You might be quite familiar with Young Adult Romance novels, but I will throw more light on it.

Well, this type of romance novel centers on the lives of young people. It contains dramatic romance displays.

This novel should, however, reflect the emotions of the young adult and their reasonings if the writer wants to keep it real. Young adult romance is a popular romance novel genre, and of course, you should love it.


4. Inspirational Romance

Inspirational here surely refers to being inspired or something that inspires especially religion. Inspirational Romance is a story that features religious themes or superstitious beliefs that control the main romance relationship story.

If it is a Christian romance story, it will likely be more pure, bringing explosive kissing moments rather than improper sexual interactions typically seen in other contemporary romance genres.

In Inspirational romance, characters often act based on faith. It could be the character finding their faith or the writer using faith as a plot device.


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5. Contemporary Romance

Arguably, contemporary romance is the largest subgenre of romance, and it surfaced at the core of the earth after the Second World War; till today, it is still valid and recognized.

Contemporary romance is mostly about topics of true love in the workplace, such as in the hospital, a startup company, or a dope eatery.

Contemporary romance also characterizes the LGBTQ world, including its stories featuring romantic relationships between individuals of a community or romance fiction featuring a female hero who does not fit the common standards of beauty.


6. Speculative Romance

Speculative romance might be difficult to spot because it includes several subcategories, including Sci-Fi, fantasy, dystopian, and paranormal romance, which can involve fantasy plots.

This type of romance novel could have time travel stories, gothic, vampires, werewolves, or ghosts.

Moreover, these stories may, however, involve supernatural or magical elements that go beyond explanations. However, paranormal romance collides with science fiction romance. Science fiction may include alien emotional stories or Artificial Intelligence being in love. 

In fantasy or science fiction novels, word-building is an important aspect. It is useful in speculative romance novels to help the writer’s world be consistent and grounded. It also provides a solid backdrop for your love story to explore.



There are a lot of romance novel types. I have read many of them, but none has been more thrilling and exciting than inspirational and young adult romance novels.

Well, leaving that aside, I have classified romance novels just as I suggested tacitly at the beginning of this guide.

Also, I would like to know your type of romance novels, So feel safe to talk about it in the comment section.


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