Best Romance Novels Of All Time

Best romance novels of all time are a must read for all romance book lovers. Have you been wondering or searching through the pages of the internet for the best romance novel of all time?

There are a lot of romance novels out there, and I have read a lot, and of course, I can tell you which are the best from the list of novels I have read.

Although I have not read romance novels for a while now, I can still tell how thrilling it can be when you read a better romance story. It helps to calm your mind and keeps your mentality on the right path of thoughts.

So, I will not be telling many stories about my reading all sorts of romance stories, but I will quickly proceed to the best romance novel of all time.


Pride and Prejudice - Romance Novel

Best Romance Novels Of All Time

1. Pride And Prejudice

  • Author: Jane Austen
  • Year: 1813

If a novel has been sold in millions coupled with numerous adaptations, we can somehow agree that it is worth it. “Pride and Prejudice” if not the best novel, is one of the best novels ever.

In the case of Jane Austen’s 1813 Pride and Prejudice, the novel has sold +120 million copies following numerous adaptations and limitations.

Pride and Prejudice is a romance and dramatic story of Elizabeth Bennet, who has a personal view of love, marriage, relationships, and manners that does not match the views of others. Following Elizabeth’s independent mindset, she met with a lot of people and she considered these encounters unpleasant.


2. Wuthering Heights

  • Author: Emily Brontë
  • Year: 1847

Wuthering Heights is undoubtedly one of the oldest romance novels. Although Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights was initially criticized and largely ignored for its inappropriate representation of blind love, it is today considered one of the best-known love stories composed by Emily.

The story is about a foster child who develops an unconditional love for his foster sister, Catherine, but a little rumour appears to destroy their bond.


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3. Jane Eyre

  • Author: Charlotte Brontë
  • Year: 1847

Just the same year that Wuthering Heights aired, Jane Eyre was published – 1847.

Jane Eyre’s novel is accused of attacking sexuality issues, class, religion, and feminism. Charlotte Brontë’s novel’s real description is about its little character from childhood to her marriage to the man she loves, Mr Rochester.

This story is quite interesting, although a couple of critics are hovering over it.



4. Anna Karenina

  • Author: Leo Tolstoy
  • Year: 1877

According to Times Magazine, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy is described as the greatest novel ever written.

The romance story showcases a masterpiece. According to the author, it is his first true novel.

The story fills scenes of Karenina, who falls in love with Count Vronsky and is willing to leave her marriage and be shunned by Russian society. However, things seem to be even more sideways than she expected.

Doctor Zhivago - Romance Novel

5. Gone With The Wind

  • Author: Margaret Mitchell
  • Year: 1936

This romance novel traces the moral, spiritual, social, and psychological development and growth of Scarlett O’Hara, the pampered daughter of a rich plantation owner.

The story follows her journey through marriage, love, and the Civil War.

Margaret Michelle has this one novel, but she has sold more than thirty million copies which joined hands in winning her the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. It was later adapted into a film a few years later.


6. Doctor Zhivago

  • Author: Boris Pasternak
  • Year: 1957

Doctor Zhivago is an after-effects story of the Russian Revolution, which invited rejection from the USSR.

The story is about Dr. Yuri Zhivago, who is a physician, philosopher, and poet, who has discovered odd chemistry between his wife Tonya, and Lara, the wife of a political activist.


7. Love Story

  • Author: Erich Segal
  • Year: 1970

After reading “Love Story” by Erich Segal, you can agree the story has not been the Romeo and Juliet of the 20th century.

When it was published, translated into +20 languages, and adapted several times, “Love Story” came out as the bestselling romantic fiction.

Erich Segal’s story is about two lovers, Oliver and Jennifer, who are from distinct backgrounds, but their chemistry is so extreme that they reach a point where they are forced to face unforeseen circumstances.



Of all the romance novels that I have read in the past, these always made my day. In this article, I have described the best romance novels of all time, and you must try them out. They never get old. Also, I will wait in the comment section for the best romance novel you have ever read.



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