Best Spotify Podcasts Worth Listening to

With several amazing podcasts to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start listening! What are the best podcasts on Spotify, and what makes them so great?

Spotify is a famous podcast directory, hosting plenty of content and offering easy-to-use playback features. With Spotify, you can access a range of episodes and follow the podcasts you like to stay up to date with the latest content.

Regardless of whether you’re new to podcasts or an avid listener, there’s always something new to find out. On Spotify, you can access an incredible podcast library, finding new content from all your favorite audio creators across a variety of genres.

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From true crime to tech, sports, entertainment, education, news, comedy, and more, you’re bound to discover a Spotify podcast to suit you. Tune in for regular episodes, or mix and match to discover more podcast variety. The choice is yours!

If you’re not sure of where to begin in the world of Spotify podcasts, look no further! This is your ultimate guide to the top podcasts on Spotify. Here’s what you have to be listening to right now!

Top 10 Podcasts on Spotify You Must Listen to

As podcasts continue to rise in fame, there’s no shortage of great content to keep you entertained. No matter your content choices, you can discover plenty of talented creators and use streaming technology to listen on the go.

Top 10 Podcasts on Spotify You Must Listen to

The best part of podcast listening is that you can always find the best show for your unique listening interests. To get you started on your podcast listening journey, these are 10 of the best podcasts on Spotify!

1. Stuff You Should Know

This is an educational content for pop culture listeners. Hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is the best way to learn something new, enjoying pop culture comedic references along the way.

In every new episode of this show, listeners discover a new and quirky topic, soon becoming experts in all trivia questions.

2. Breaking Bread

The Breaking Bread podcast is a space for hot takes on the latest updates!

In each episode, hosts Claudia and Jackie Oshry return to share their opinions on the week’s top stories, covering everything from main news to funny media headlines. Audiences can always expect entertaining commentary!

3. The Daily

Produced by the New York Times, The Daily podcast is your one-stop destination for all the trending news stories.

In just twenty minutes, this show returns every weekday to give a quick, detailed overview of current events. With this podcast, you’ll never be out of the update again!

4. Conspiracy Theories

The Conspiracy Theories podcast, produced by Parcast, is home to the world’s most exciting conspiracy stories, from Bitcoin takeovers to alien landings.

This podcast covers a new story in every episode, giving listeners many reasons to believe in the unbelievable.

5. Are You Garbage?

Every week, the Are You Garbage podcast invites new guests to the show, where they take part in a gameshow-style test to determine whether or not they are garbage.

This podcast is nice for listeners who enjoy light entertainment, self-deprecating comedy, and celebrity guests.

 6. The Joe Rogan Experience

One of the most famous podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience is all about having a sense of humor!

Episodes include a star-studded cast of guests, along with social commentary and controversial opinions, all shared with a funny tone. This is a well-built comedic show!

7. Normal Gossip

The Normal Gossip podcast is a hub for all the trending gossip, from the boring to the fascinating.

In each episode, hosts introduce new pieces of comedic gossip, chatting to listeners like friends and sharing the latest secondhand gists. This podcast is a huge entertainment choice!

 8. My Favorite Murder

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the My Favorite Murder podcast brings real crime together with a comedic approach.

Biweekly episodes highlight new true crime stories in detail. Additionally, you can always expect plenty of puns and pop culture references based on the conversation.

9. Planet Money

The Planet Money podcast offers clear, detailed explanations of all things relating to the economy! New episodes are published on a regular, each detailing a new financial learning topic.

Listeners learn to understand inflation, navigate financial planning, and decode significant economic concepts.

10. Ologies

Hosted by Alie Ward, the Ologies podcast is your chance to learn a little about a lot! In each new episode, Alie asks industry professionals the break down their various “ologies,” covering everything from Mars missions and agricultural science to beauty standards and drunk butterflies.

There truly is a topic for all!

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