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Best Free Movie Download Sites for 2024

Do you know where you can download movies for free in 2024? That might not be your problem but it is possibly the problem of another person, especially the ones not close to those who know the sites.

Do you wish to watch that movie on your schedule? Download it to your gadget to watch it (aka “stream it locally”) later on, whenever and wherever you want.

That’s the beauty of downloading a film: It’s ready when you are, even without an internet connection.

Free Movies Download Sites

The biggest issue with looking for “free movies” is that pretty much everything you find will be illegal.

The last thing you wish is to download something from one of those sites, so we have done the work for you and scoured the internet to find all the best, completely legal free movie download sources.

Kindly move to the next heading to get the full details.

Free Movies Download Sites

Here are the sites that you can download movies from:


Of the numerous free movie download websites available on the internet, public domain movies should be your go-to so that there’s no question about their legality. is a good source for these kinds of films.

There are a handful of genres along the top of the site to assist you find dramas, horrors, comedies, etc., among the several hundreds of movies that are offered here. Every movie page shows the film’s cover image, release date, summary, and cast list.

2. The Public Domain Review

This platform is very similar to the above site. Most of the films at The Public Domain Review are from the same source as the previous site’s collection, but we have added it here for two reasons: the lack of ads and the great filtering options.

The link below takes you to the films section specifically, but once you’re there, you can filter by century, genre, theme, and type.

For instance, maybe you’re looking for 20th-century movies, only shorts or silent films, or movies that fall under the food, architecture, or natural world theme.

Every file here can be streamed. The movie download links are at the bottom of each page.

3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a home of digital information. It has not only movies for download, but also software, web pages, books, and others.

Like the above two sites, this one gives free movie downloads because they’re in the public domain.

There are plenty of categories here where you might find movies, so the link below, which takes you to Feature Films, is just one example. There are tens of thousands of free movies in over a dozen languages.

Most if not all the movies from the sites listed above are sourced from Internet Archive, but we prefer those movie download sites over this one because there’s just too much to sift through here.

Still, I love to use this website for its filtering options, which can include language, creator, year, topic, and more.

4. The Library of Congress

Another place to download movies is through the Library of Congress. According to the LOC, this list of movies aims to “showcase the range and diversity of American film heritage.”

They’re a selection of films from the National Film Registry (NFR), which is a collection of movies selected by the United States National Film Preservation Board.

A couple of things I love about downloading movies here is that the website is ad-free and all the options are on a single page because there are only a couple dozen movies to pick from.

These titles can be downloaded directly from the Library of Congress’ website in formats like MP4 and MOV.

5. Netflix

Netflix is one instance of a subscription service that lets you save its movies and TV shows to a download portion of the app so you can watch even without an internet connection.

As a long-time Netflix user, this is an obvious choice for me when I wish to save a movie offline. If you don’t use Netflix, there are many other, similar options listed below.

Downloads are allowed from both the mobile app and the desktop app. See How to Download Netflix Shows and Movies to learn how it works.

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