Can Movies Affect How We Learn?

Movies are a good source of entertainment. However, movies also serve as learning tools. Therefore, how movies affect the way we learn matters too.

You might not see or understand how effective movies can be in learning. However, students tend to focus on what movie characters tell them more than what their teachers, parents, and guardians say, and trying to stop them might be another herculean task. Instead, use the medium to teach them a lot more.

For the past few years, many school teachers have used movies to teach their students Human Rights, History, Critical Thinking, etc. and most importantly, Morals.

Therefore, in this article, we will address the pressing question – “Can movies affect how we learn?” If it does, “How do movies affect how we learn?”

So, let’s quickly proceed as I would not want to waste your time –

Can movies affect the way we learn

Can Movies Affect How We Learn?

Yes, movies can affect how we learn. The effect can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, it does neither, so we say “neutral.”

As technology advanced and the movie industry began to boom, moies became an intrinsic part of the tools employed in building and maintaining our soceity. Even today, people are still using movies to develop their sense of humour, understand other languages more, learn about their environment, learn good and bad deeds, find out how to react to situations and others.

There are so many things that movies can offer us positively if we utilize them the right way, but using the other way around might influence you negatively.


How Can Movies Affect How We Learn?

1. Learning Morals Through Movies

More than 80% of teens will take into action the advice their teachers, parents, or guardians have been issuing to them once they have watched it in a movie.

This is one of the ways movies affect the way we learn, and since this is the case study, teachers have been using this method to impact the lives of students.


2. Assignments For Build Discussion And Analysis –

Giving students assignments on writing movie reviews will enhance them in generating a personal commentary and perspective that is more descriptive and analytical.

This motive also helps to strengthen the students’ self-expression skills through writing.

You could give them assignments on human rights violations, history, and others.


3. Watch Movies At Home Unlike Classroom –

It is factual that students tend to understand movies when they are at home, unlike at school. Well, this is because they feel more comfortable at home when compared to outside.

At home, they are always ready to express themselves, but at school, many feel shy and uncomfortable because they are out of their comfort zone.

So, as a teacher, you could record some tapes for them to take home; they will enjoy and learn better than when they do it in the classroom.


4. Actions In Movies –

One of the challenges teachers face is to express themselves to the students. I can only say that quite a few teachers can overcome this challenge.

Well, it is not bad if you can not express yourself that much in the classroom, you can option the help of movies, it is very effective.

You can make a video of any lecture and give it to your students. Enhance your explanations with actions. Gestures and body language help the students learn.


5. Movies Create Awareness –

Movies can help you not to ask questions about events such as technology, developments, and rules in your environment.

Movies, such as Sci-Fi, are always there to teach you about newly invented technologies such as AI.

In addition, most technologies you will encounter in movies are not real. This piques your curiosity, fires your imagination, and triggers creativity.


6. Movies Teach How To Inspire –

Movies are a source of inspiration. They teach us to motivate others.

Firstly, we have to be inspired by the characters before we can use their skills in our environment or for other purposes.

Knowing how the movie characters started and ran their lives alone can inspire you to motivate others.


7. We Can Learn The Bad Side Of Violence Through Movies –

Countless times, we have watched violence-related movies in the form of drama, anime, fiction and fantasy, and other movie genres, and we have always seen their negative effects.

Moreover, movies will help us to back off from violent acts.

This is one of the best lessons movies can teach, and we have learnt a lot from cinematography. 

It is also worth mentioning that sometimes, movies may encourage violence as such, movies are regulated to ensure they bring us the best to enhance life and general progress and well-being of the society.


8. Movies Affect The Way We Think Critically – 

Movies have helped us to think more critically in difficult situations. In other words, it has helped us not to freak out at cringe situations.

Movies such as Sci-Fi, drama, action, adventure, and other great genres are always there to develop our minds. The plot and conflict expand our horizon and thought patterns, providing cues for our minds to wander.



Movies have been effective in affecting the way we learn in different ways, this article has captured many of them. 

Well, you might be viewing movies as just entertainment, but they are more than that if you can utilize them in some other ways. Also, movies can influence you negatively. Hence, you need to be careful with what you watch on the screen.

It is imperative to mention here that the effects of movies on the viewers remain valid whether you are aware of them or not. See our articles on Words Shape The Image We Have of Ourselves.

So, having read this article to this point, you can share the knowledge with your friends, family, and the people around you. Also, leave us a comment in the comment section below or email us at or use the contact form. We love to hear from you.

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