Land Of The Dead

The dead 1

Land Of The Dead

Land Of The Dead

by David Olusola Adejumo  The dead



Land of the dead
Where the dreadful sight
Of starving children,
Groaning and moaning,
Carry with them an aura of poverty,
Like a horror movie.


It is a land
Where morality has been swallowed
In a shallow
Pool of discontent and malady.


A land
Which has sank deep in
The quicksands
Of time.
And whose joy is known
To grief and bask in sorrow,
Stealing the gains of tomorrow.


Land of the dead,
Where the thoughts and deeds of its inhabitants have been contaminated
With a pessimistic virus of negativity.


It is a land where its occupants are sick And weary,
Angry and suppressed,
With every man niggardly
Fighting for his profiting.
A land Where the reason
For its existence has vanished
In the wind of ambiguity.


Oh, Land of the dead!
Where death is an anthem
Sang on a daily basis,
Where souls have been lost
In the ashes and dust
Of yesterday,
A land whose past is a distant memory,
Farther away from reality
Like it never existed.


It is a land of Lions and Beasts
Consuming good in the enormous belly
Of evil…
Oh, Land of the dead!
Who shall save thee?


For It is a land starved
Of value and sanity,
Wisdom was lost in a time,
Long before today…


Oh, Land of the dead!
Who shall help thee to chart a new course?
Who shall help thee to tread
A path that leads to Life and Peace?
Who shall rewrite the history
Of your past with a compelling story
Of twists and turns,
And With a happy ending in sight?



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