Dance With Me

by Chinyere Nwosu

Do not make it a lone step

It will be lonely.

Just take my hand and hit the floor,

I am open for the moves.

You are busy, you’d say;

please, don’t pass the ball.

Stay with me, the music is fun,

I’m game all the way.

The crowd will cheer,

They love the thrill.

I’m all tense inside, but no matter my fears,

I won’t back down, just trust in me.

Dance with me.

It will be worth it in the end,

We will toast to the gain.

You win or lose? It doesn’t matter at this point.

Take the lead, show me the steps.

I’ll learn, and add those to my twirls,

Step forward, step backward, step to the right and the left;

It feels great, and I hope this dance never ends.

About The Poem

Life is fun. Despite the occasional challenges that make us gloomy, we still need to relax and have some fun. Just like in a ball, you need someone you can trust to hold your hand along the way.

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