Adam and Madam

Adam and Madam

Adam and Madam

Adam and Madam is a love poem. It captures the husband and wife as they reminisce over their love and the time shared. How do you define love? Read on to find out more.

Adam and Madam

Adam and Madam

by Finayon




I love you.

I’ve seen you.

I’ve been with you.

You are genuine.

You are pure.

You are clean.

You are not perfect.

You make your mistakes

Here and there,

You are not faking anything.







Awwwww. Hummmmm.

I am overwhelmed.

I’m lost for words.

Hearing this from you,

You make me smile,

You make me laugh,

I feel loved again and again.

I think you have registered in the M U M U association.

( A man who supports his wife cooks sometimes, and helps with domestic work)

You are truly a father,

And a lover to me,

And the children.




MUMU or not, 

I’m yours,

You are mine.

I can’t, but do everything I can to support you and the children.

You are my friend

You are my sister

You are my wife

Through thick and thin,

We had come through together.

For these two decades,

You have been so supportive.

To have a good woman who will bring the best out of me?

It’s very rare, especially in these days and age.

The holy book said,

” She is priceless.”

My Queen.

My precious jewel.

You are a million in one woman.

What more can I say?

I found favour!




You have been able to handle sensitive situations,

Sometimes you hide some things from me,

You kept some secrets, not because you were hiding them.

You hide some things because you believe it’s not important, or necessary to tell me at that time.

Well done! 

Great and mature ways you had handled

Very sensitive issues in our home.

So many turbulent times,

But we scale through it all.

To be able to elect to speak the truth at the right time, 

Not Allowing family and friends to interfere in our home, 

It’s a great thing.

Love is not blind

And if anyone thinks love is blind,

Marriage will definitely open his or her blind eyes.

I feel vulnerable at times.

When I’m around you?

I’m very safe.




The truth is bitter, they said.

Not everyone wants to hear it.

When it comes to two people who are deeply in love,

A lot is involved.

But I’m glad all these years, you used your discretion in different situations.

We had both grown

We had evolved.

I remember those moments

You really felt like making love to me,

But I was so ill.

You had to hold yourself.

You could not even romance me at all.

You had to bear a lot,

Just to bring peace to our home.

Thank you, my king.

Love you always.




Some situations can be complicated

At times,

If not well managed, it could get disastrous.

I’m glad that you, we both,

have been able to handle sensitive situations in our home and marriage.

You had a great understanding and insight into the power of submission,

And I salute you for that.




You know, I thank God that many of the businesses we started had flourished, except a few that didn’t do well.

And I’m praying and hoping that those businesses will do well in the days ahead.

Yes, that’s my prayer too.

Somewhere in our subconscious mind are the memories of great days ahead.

Good days to come;

I want to invest more in our future and that of our children.


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