Best Free Movies on YouTube for 2023

There are many YouTube movies available for your watching pleasure. Some are popular while some are not. You might have heard your friends tell you about a particular film they have seen. Are there some you have seen and some you have not?

Are you aware that there’s an official channel for free movies on YouTube? Take one hop over and you’re immediately inside a gallery featuring thousands of ad-supported free movies!

But which should you watch? Using the data presented by our researchers as a guide, we present the best free movies on YouTube!

To create the YouTube list we have taken our researchers’ latest updated selection. Kindly read further for the list.

The Best Free Movies on YouTube

Here are our pics of 2023 best movies on YouTube:

1. Train to Busan

2. Fanboys

3. Capricorn One

4 Minute Mile

5. Cast Away

6. Fearless

7. The Girl with All the Gifts

8. Tokyo Godfathers

9. Masters of the Universe

10. Godzilla

11. The Infiltrator

12. Moby Dick

13. Support Your Local Sheriff!

14. Glengarry Glenn Ross

15. Of Mice and Men

16. The Lawnmower Man

17. Hunger Games

18. Skiptrace

20. The Illusionist

21. Lord of the Flies

22. Dear Mr. Watterson

23. Kung Fury

24. Everything Must Go

25. Ghost in the Shell

26. Free To Play

27. Hang ‘Em High

28. Dark Star

29. My Friend Dahmer

30. Volcano

31. Pumping Iron

32. Tracks

What Full Movies Can I Watch on YouTube?

Here are some of the full movies you can watch on YouTube:

Cast Away

The Great Escape

The Hunger Games

The Sisters Brothers


I Kill Giants

My Friend Dahmer

Train to Busan

The Illusionist

Dear Mr. Watterson

Free to Play

Kung Fury

Night of the Living Dead

Can I Download YouTube Movies?

YouTube movie and TV show purchases can now be viewed offline using the YouTube app. Once you purchase or rent the content you’re interested in, it can be downloaded on an iOS or Android device and watched at any time. Your device won’t have to be connected to the internet to watch your video.

To download your purchase, you’ll need to sign in to your YouTube app using the same Google Account used to make the purchase.

You must not be a YouTube Premium subscriber to download a purchased movie or TV show episode. This feature is available to every user on supported devices running iOS 11 or higher and Android 16.23 or higher.

Where Can I Download Full Movies on YouTube?

KeepVid is a good online YouTube downloader. It is very simple to use and it also has a desktop version.

You just have to copy the video link from YouTube paste it on the blank search box on the site and press the download button to get started.

Which is the Most Viewed Movie on YouTube?

In January 2021, Baby Shark Dance became the first YouTube video to have above 10 billion views, after snatching the title of most-viewed YouTube video of all time from the former record holder “Despacito” one year before. “Baby Shark Dance” currently has over 13 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

In conclusion, the above-listed movies are the best for the year 2023. New movies are currently entries to the chart. Perhaps they might make it to the list in our next publication.

Nonetheless, kindly look out for the recommended movies and give us your feedback in the comment section of this post.

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