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We are looking for


Original articles with 800-1500 words on topics that creative minds, caregivers, book lovers, and educators will love. Poems may be of any length.


Write a blog for HQ Words


How we define caregivers and creative minds



  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Medical personnel
  • Leader
  • Counselor
  • Anyone in the position to provide care


Creative minds

  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Creative artists


These articles may include

  •      Creative writing tips for all genres
  •      Poems and short stories
  •      Poetry analysis
  •      Communication
  •      Mental health
  •      Body language and postures
  •      Other relevant information that fits these categories


Please, submit content that is your own and not published on any other platform. We request this because submitting articles already published on other platforms will affect SEO for the article.



What is in it for you?


  • Social media promotion across all our social media channels and alongside our brand promotion
  • Exposure for your brand, products, services, or writings, new followers
  • Inclusion in our newsletter to our subscribers
  • Inclusion in our writers lists on a page dedicated to our writers with your photo and bio displayed.



What is in it for us?


  • Different points of view and sources of information
  •  Articles that inform, inspire, encourage, and entertain.
  •  You share your published article on HQ Words on your social media pages to help us spread the word.



How do I publish on HQ Words?


Please submit your article with visually attractive images. If you can’t find one, no worries. We are happy to see if we have an appropriate photo in our bank.