Why The Sun and Moon Live In The Sky

Why The Sun and Moon Live In The Sky – is a folktale about the sun, the moon, and water. Its core point is relationships – fire (sun) and water do not mix.


Sun, Moon, and Water - Friends


A long time ago, the sun and the water were very good friends. They used to sit together and discuss the way the earth was. But one thing was strange. The water never visited the sun. It was the sun that kept visiting the water every day. One day, the sun, who had had enough of the water’s unfriendly behaviour, confronted him.

“Dear friend, why is it that you never visit me? I am always the one who visits you. It is not fair toward our friendship.”

Water listened intently to all the complaints the sun made, and then he spoke.

“I know it’s not fair, and I do not wish to continue hurting you this way. But you need to understand. I am very large, and your compound is very small. If I should come there, it will not be able to contain me. If you really want me to visit you, you will have to build a bigger compound.”

“Okay,” the sun said after listening to his friend talk.

“I will build a bigger compound. How can I have such a good friend, and he has never visited me before?” The sun went home that evening and met his wife, the moon, cooking.

“My dear, thank God you are home. Food will soon be ready. How about you freshen up?”

“Okay. I have huge news. We are going to expand the house to entertain my friend, water,” he said while grinning from ear to ear.

“Okay, dear.” The moon didn’t object to it. She trusted her husband completely and knew he would never entertain it if it isn’t a good idea.

The next day, the sun got to work, building a larger compound to occupy his friend. He spent days building the house. When he was done, he happily invited his friend to visit him.

When the water arrived at his friend’s house, he called out. “Sun, my friend!”

“Yes!” The sun responded.

“Is it safe for me to come in?” He asked.

“Of course it is!”

The water then began to flow into the compound, accompanied by the fish and all the water bodies and animals. Very soon, the water was knee-deep, so the water asked the sun if it was safe for him to continue coming in.

“Yes, it is!” The sun responded.

The water continued going into the house that his friend, the sun built. When the water was levelled with the top of a man’s head, the water again asked. “Do you want more of me to come in?” 

The sun and the moon answered, “yes,” they obviously didn’t know any better. So the water kept flowing in till there was no room for the sun and the moon again, and so the sun and the moon perched on the roof of the house.

Again, the water asked, and the sun gave the same response. So more of the water animals rushed into the house. The water soon overflowed to the top of the building and the roof. The sun and the moon were forced to go up to the sky. They have remained there ever since.



Moral of the story: 

  1. Friendship should be mutual. It thrives when both parties give and take.
  2. Communication is essential in every relationship.
  3. Be tolerant of others.



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