Why The Bat Flies at Night

Why The Bat Flies at Night


Flying bat


Once upon a time, a Bush Rat and a Bat were best friends. They did everything together, and everyone knew that they were friends. The other animals often told the Bush Rat to be careful of the Bat. According to them, the Bat looked like a funny creature who didn’t want anything good for others. However, the Bush Rat loved the Bat so much, and he never listened to them.

One day Tortoise decided that he should tell him the truth. Very early the next morning, he went to his place. He knocked on the door, and Mrs. Bush Rat opened the door.

“Lovely morning Mrs. Bush Rat,” Tortoise said.

“Lovely morning to you too, Tortoise. How may I help you?”

“Is Mr. Bush Rat in?”

“Yes, he was just preparing to go out to meet his friend, Bat.”

“That’s exactly why I am here. Can I see him?”

“Of course,” Mrs. Bush Rat responded. She didn’t know what Tortoise was up to, but she figured it would be better for her husband to hear it first. 

“Let me go call him for you. Come in and make yourself comfortable.” She ushered her into the room and left to call her husband.

When Mr. Bush Rat came out, he was surprised to see Tortoise.

“Tortoise, what a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Well, I have come to warn you about your friend, Bat. He is bad news on a good day, and I want you to stay away from him.” 

Bush Rat looked at Tortoise and then burst out in laughter. It was impossible for his friend to be bad on a good day like Tortoise explained, and he told him just that.

“What do you have against my friend? He is just the sweetest and most kind person I have ever met; he wouldn’t hurt me at all.” 

Tortoise knew that it was a waste of time to talk to him. He had to learn his lesson the hard way. “Okay,” he stood up. “I’ll let you take care of yourself by yourself then.” 

“I think that will be best.” Bush Rat was already getting vexed by Tortoise, and Tortoise was not ready for the drama.

“Please, send my regards to Mrs. Bush Rat,” Tortoise said and then stood up and left.

Bush Rat exhaled when Tortoise was gone. He then went into his room to ponder on what Tortoise said. Everyone kept condemning his friend, and he wanted to know why.

“Dear, I’m going out to meet my friend!” he yelled to his wife.

“Won’t you stay for breakfast?” The wife yelled back.

“No, I will eat at his place. He makes the best foods ever.” He said and dashed out. 

When he got to Bat’s house, he was eating. 

“Ah, my friend! Come, join me!” He beckoned on him. Bush Rat was more than happy because he was starving. He sat down and started eating. 

“Yum, yum, yum,” Bush Rat said. “My, this food is very delicious. How do you always prepare such delicious food all the time.” 

“I always boil myself in water; my flesh is so sweet that the food turns out good.” 

Bat then told Bush Rat that he would show him how it is done. So he got a pot of warm water and told Bush Rat that it was hot. Shortly afterward, he jumped into the water and came out, unhurt. When the soup was brought in, it was as good as usual, as the Bat had prepared it beforehand. 

Bush Rat then went back home and told his wife that he would prepare food for the family that evening, and it will be as delicious as his friend’s, Bat. He asked his wife to boil water for him. His wife obliged, and when she wasn’t looking, Bush Rat jumped into the pot of boiling water, and he died.

Mrs. Bush Rat turned around to see that her husband was floating in the pot of hot water, and she let out a scream for help, but no one was around, and no one could help her. When she realised that her husband was dead, she was filled with anger and she went to go see the King.

She told the King all that had happened, and the King gave orders that the Bat should be made a prisoner. Everyone went around to look for the Bat during the daytime, but he already flew to the forest to hide. At night when they stopped looking for him, he would go out of the forest and fly around, but during daylight, when the entire village resumed the search for him, he would stay indoors. 


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