Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is Bad For Your Health

Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is Bad For Your Health

Why drug and alcohol abuse is bad for health cannot be overemphasized. The abuse of these substances have dire effects of different aspects of our health including physical health, mental health, and social well being. Read on to find out more.

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Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is Bad For Your Health

Alcohol, drugs, and mental health are closely related. Using any substance too much can affect a person’s well-being. The effects of alcohol are only temporary, but its withdrawal is worse because of how it affects the human brain and body.


How Alcohol Affects Your Brain

Alcohol is an antidepressant. It can disrupt the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain and alter a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. The effect of alcohol is more directed toward the part of the brain that controls inhibition, such as after a drink or two, a person is more likely to feel relaxed, less anxious, and more confident. The chemical changes in the brain after a while when these effects wear off can lead to negative feelings such as anger, depression, or anxiety, regardless of the person’s mood.

Another major effect of alcohol on the brain is how it makes it harder to process information, generally reducing the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. However, we need a certain

level to ward off depression and anxiety. 

The common mental illness of alcohol abuse include

anxiety, depression, psychosis, suicide, and self-harm.


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Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

The intake of alcohol could lead to some dire consequences that may or may not be death. But even when one can avoid this disastrous event, it is still advisable to avoid it. Below are some

effects of alcohol abuse.

● Needing to take more to get the same effect.

● High blood pressure and stroke

● Problem with liver and pancreas.

● Difficulties becoming pregnant.

● Having sudden mood changes.

● Loss of motivation, amongst others.


Drugs That Can Affect Mental Health

drugsThe high intake of alcohol is not the only thing that can affect one’s mental stability, some drugs that we take into our body also affect us. It is not only hard drugs that can affect

us. Some over-the-counter drugs are proven to have negative effects on some people. This is why it is advisable to seek medical advice before taking any drug, especially when using it for the first time. 

Reasons for the adverse effects of these drugs could be that the chemicals in them do not agree with the person’s body system. In an attempt to remove the drug from the body system, the liver may be damaged or atrophied. This reduction in functionality will result in the liver having difficulty detoxifying chemicals leading to other illnesses.

Let us look at some drugs that can affect our physical and mental health. 

 Cannabis: Some of the risks of using cannabis include psychosis if you use it frequently or use high-strength cannabis like skunk.

● New Psychoactive Substance (NPS): These are drugs that contain one or more chemical substances. They produce effects that are similar to cocaine, cannabis, and ecstasy. Some of these drugs can cause confusion and a feeling of panic, behavioural changes, making one erratic, affect judgement, and put the user at serious risk.

● Amphetamine and Methamphetamine: There are commonly known as crystal meth, ice, meth, glass, etc. These drugs can make you feel wide awake and alert, making it difficult to relax or to get sleep. They might cause drug-induced psychosis. In the long term, the user may become anxious and depressed.

● Benzodiazepines (Benzo, Blues, Downers, Xanax, Roofies): These drugs are a type of tranquilisers used to treat anxiety. They have also been used as muscle relaxants and help

with anxiety, but people buy them illegally because of their relaxing effects, leading to addiction. Taking these drugs with other drugs can affect breathing and increase the risk of overdose and death.



Alcohol and drug abuse do not only affect your mental health but also your body. Some effects of alcohol on the body include – a bloated stomach, alcohol poisoning, migraines, and so much more. Taking alcohol for a long time can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, and cancer.


How To Help Yourself

No problem is without a solution. If you are looking for ways to cut down your intake of alcohol, we advise that you –

  •  avoid situations where you will be tempted to drink.
  • develop a healthy lifestyle of eating well, getting enough rest, exercising, and 
  • talk to someone who can help.

 Remember, live a healthy life!

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