Who Owns CNN and Fox? (2022 Updated)

Want to know who owns CNN and Fox? We’ll find out everything you need to know in this article plus so much more. Kindly read further.

CNN and Fox have some of the most popular news shows in the industry.

Given their popularity, you may be wondering who owns the networks and who receives a large portion of the revenue generated.

It’s also worth knowing who owns various networks to see if the network has any particular biases.

Who is the Owner of CNN and Fox?

CNN is owned by AT&T. However, because AT&T is the parent company of Warner Bros., it is not as simple as that.

After AT&T purchased Warner Bros., the company merged with Discovery. It is now known as Warner Bros. Discovery.

CNN was originally owned by Warner Bros., so CNN is now owned by Warner Brothers Discovery.

However, it is preferable to stick with the parent company because AT&T owns several other networks in addition to Warner Bros.

CNN and its related networks, such as CNN+, are thus all part of AT&T. AT&T’s CEO John Stankey. You could say that Stankey owns CNN, but it is more accurate to say that AT&T owns CNN.

Fox, on the other hand, is part of the Fox Corporation. The Fox Corporation’s CEO was Rupert Murdoch, but it is now Lachlan Murdoch.

As a result, aside from the networks now owned by the Disney Corporation, Murdoch owns Fox and its related networks.


Is Disney the owner of Fox Corporation?

Because Disney purchased many of Fox’s businesses, you may be wondering if Disney now owns Fox Corporation.

That is not entirely correct. It’s worth looking at what happened to Fox before Disney got involved. For a long time, 21st Century Fox was a subsidiary of News Corporation.

The Murdoch family-owned News Corp is a vast publishing and entertainment empire. News Corporation split in 2013, resulting in the formation of 21st Century Fox.

It included the majority of the previous media empire’s entertainment businesses.

It essentially changed its name. Disney paid $71 billion for 21st Century Fox in 2019.

Disney concentrated on the entertainment studios and assets while allowing the news assets to separate and form their own, separate corporation, which was eventually acquired by someone else.

That separate entity was dubbed Fox Corp.

In contrast, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, FX, National Geographic, Star, Fox Searchlight, and 30% of Hulu.

As a result, while Disney now owns Fox’s entertainment division, it does not own Fox’s news division. That branch is still owned by the Murdoch family.

The publishing division split off and renamed itself, News Corp. It’s also worth noting that 20th Century Fox was included in 21st Century Fox.


Are CBS and Fox Owned by One Company?

CBS and Fox are not owned by the same corporation. CBS is owned by Paramount Global.

Fox is owned by two people. If you’re talking about Fox News, it’s owned by the Fox Corporation and the Murdoch family.

If you’re referring to 21st Century Fox or Fox’s entertainment division, it is owned by Disney. CBS and Fox have separate owners because neither is a subsidiary of Paramount Global.


Who is the Owner Fox?

Fox is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Fox News is also owned by Fox Corporation.

Murdoch owns 39% of Fox Corporation, which means he owns Fox News as well. Murdoch also owns 39% of News Corporation, in addition to Fox News.

News Corporation also owns a number of other publishing companies. It owns the New York Post, HarperCollins, and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

As a result, Murdoch owns the New York Post, HarperCollins, and the Wall Street Journal. Fox is owned by a few other entities in addition to Murdoch.

They include the Vanguard Group, which owns 13.05% of the company, Independent Franchise Partners, which owns 7.75% of the company, Yacktman Asset Management LP, which owns 5.55% of the company, and BlackRock Fund Advisors, which owns 4.99% of the company.


Who is the Owner of CNN?

CNN is owned by a new company formed by Discovery Media and Warner Media.

AT&T is the largest shareholder of CNN and Warner Media Discovery, making it the company’s largest shareholder.

Because AT&T is Warner Media’s largest shareholder, it also owns all of the company’s subsidiaries. Networks such as HBO, Otter Media, Warner Bros., and Turner Broadcasting System are included.

Randall L. Stephenson, John J. Stephens, and John T. Stankey are among the largest shareholders. In terms of organizations, the Vanguard Group owns 7.43% of the company.

BlackRock Fund Advisors also owns 4.85% of the company. Finally, SSgA Funds Management holds a 4.13% stake in CNN.


Who is the Owner of ABC News?

The Disney Corporation owns ABC News. Robert Iger is a majority shareholder in ABC News.

Iger is a Disney Chairman and former CEO of both Disney and ABC. The Laurene Powell Jobs Trust is another major shareholder.

Laurene Powell Jobs received her shares from Steve Jobs, her husband. When Disney purchased Pixar, Jobs received the shares.

Christine McCarthy and Alan Braverman are also majority shareholders. The Vanguard Group has a 7.66% controlling interest in ABC News, BlackRock Fund Advisors has a 4.36% controlling interest, and SSgA Funds Management has a 4.11% controlling interest.


Who Owner of NBC News?

NBC News is owned by Comcast. It also has a stake in NBC Universal News, NBC, and CNBC.

Comcast’s CEO and Chairman are Brian L. Roberts. For years, the Roberts family, like the Murdoch family, has held a controlling stake in Comcast.

As a result, the Roberts family owns NBC News as well as other businesses and corporations under the Comcast umbrella.

In fact, Comcast owns a number of other businesses. Fandango, Hulu, Universal Pictures, and Telemundo are among them.

Although the Roberts family owns the majority of Comcast and thus NBC News, a few other entities have shares in it as well.

Vanguard Group has an 8.11% controlling interest, BlackRock Fund Advisors has a 4.26% controlling interest, and Capital Research & Management Co. has a 4.57% controlling interest.


What Is the World’s Largest Media Corporation?

While there are many different networks, it is clear that only a few corporations own them all. That may make you wonder which media company is the largest in the world based on various factors.

Comcast was the world’s largest media company in 2022. Comcast has a market capitalization of $205,718,000 and a profit of $14,159 million.

It had a sales volume of 116,385,000 and an asset value of 275,905,000. It surpassed the Walt Disney Corporation.

Disney’s market value is $215,326 million, but its profits are only $3,082 million. In addition, it only had 72,982 million in sales and 203,311 million in assets.

Clearly, Comcast had the majority of the higher numbers when compared to Disney.

Charter is ranked third. It has a market capitalization of $97,924 million and earnings of $4,654 million. It had 51,682 million dollars in sales and 143,392 million dollars in assets.



Fox and CNN are owned by two different companies. Fox Corporation owns a large portion of Fox, while the Disney Corporation owns 21st Century Fox.

CNN is owned by Warner Media Discovery, which is also owned by AT&T.


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