Which Horror Movies Are Based On True Stories (10)?

Have you been wondering which horror movies are based on true stories? Are there even horror movies based on true stories?

I have always been a fan of horror movies from childhood, but finding out that most of their storylines are based on true life stories freaked me out as a teenager.

Well, does it matter that horror movies are based on true stories? I think it is a yes. Here it is. It is important to learn what happened years back through horror movies without being there to experience the event that would have indeed made you faint countless times.

So, if you have been wondering which horror movies are based on true stories, I will be walking you through the top 10 and everything you need to know about them.


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Top 10 Horror Movies Which Are Based on True Stories

1. Wolf Creek

  • Year – 2005

“Wolf Creek” is a 2005 horror film about three backpackers in Australia who are kidnapped, assaulted, tortured, escaped, and hunted by a killer, Mick Taylor.

Well, just so you know, critics were there to count “Wolf Creek” as not a horror movie, although some people rate it as a horrifically scary film.

The actual event is dated back to 1996 when Ivan Milat, an Australian man, was convicted of murdering seven backpackers between 1989 and 1993.

Moreover, it came to a point where an Australian court delayed the release of “Wolf Creek” in the country’s Northern Territory in an attempt to avoid influencing Murdoch’s then-ongoing trial.


2. Borderland

  • Year – 2007

Zev Berman’s horror movie of 2007, “Borderland”, is based on a true-life story. The story of Adolfo Constanzo – a Cuban-American drug lord and serial killer. Costanzo led a cult group known as “The Narco-satanists” in Mexico in the 80s.

Constanzo believed in magic spells and killed more than a dozen people to strengthen his group.


3. Black Water

  • Year – 2007

When “horror movie” is mentioned, a lot of minds reason “Demons and Serial Killers”, but that should not be so since we have horror movies just like Black Water. If you are asking about a horror movie based on a true story that does not have any demonic characters or feature a serial killer, I will say “Black Water.”

“Black Water” focuses on three people stalked by numerous crocodiles while on vacation in Australia.

The film is not quite based on a real-life event but was alarming people about the increased population of crocodiles in Australia.



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4. The Girl Next Door

  • Year – 2007 

In Indianapolis, dating back to 1965, a 16-year-old girl, Sylvia Likens, was under the custody of the Baniszewski family, who held captive, humiliated, and brutally tortured Likens until she passed out of shock, brain hemorrhage, and malnutrition.

These real-life events have been described as the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana. 

Hence, Jack Ketchum adapted the crimes into a 1989 novel titled – “The Girl Next Door,” which was, in turn, adapted into a film of the same name in 2007.


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5. The Strangers

  • Year – 2008

According to director Bryan Bertino, writing about “The Strangers” made him think about two real-life events, the infamous Manson family murders and the Keddie cabin murders.

Well, the second story is still an unsolved quadruple homicide that took place in Northern California’s Sierra Nevadas in 1981.

Both incidents are related because they involved home invasions, stranger-on-stranger violence, and mass murders. However, in “The Strangers,” there is a change as just two people, Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are the terrorized victims.


6. The Possession

  • Year – 2012

You will likely ask if the Dybbuk box is real after watching “The Possession.”

According to numerous owners, the object is real. Most of them have reported strange phenomena that accompanied the box.

While making the film in 2012, the filmmakers, including producer Sam Raimi and star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, wanted nothing to do with the box. 

“Hell, no!” screenwriter Juliet Snowden said to its owner. “We don’t want to see it. Don’t send us a picture of it.” 


7. The Conjuring

  • Year – 2013

Film audiences were introduced to “The Conjuring” in 2013. “The Conjuring” is a supernatural horror film. This horror film is about a real-life hauling of the Perron family’s Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s.

The film cost about $20 million to get through. I can also confirm that it is indeed horrifically scary.


8. The Sacrament

  • Year – 2013

“The Sacrament” is based on the tragic events of 1978 and was produced by Eli Roth.

It is about a cult massacre at Jonestown, but set in the current era. 

The 2013 thriller was written and directed by Ti West and, despite earning just $9,221 at the box office, generally got positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and that was a great way to go.


9. The Conjuring 2

  • Year – 2016

Director James Wan and stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, all returned for “The Conjuring 2” in 2016 to tackle another one of Warren’s investigations. Although the film begins with Ed and Lorraine checking out the aforementioned Lutz home in Amityville, New York, the setting soon shifts to England for a visit with the Hodgson family and the Enfield Poltergeist.

The sequel was successful. It made $320.4 million, while the original made $319.5 million.


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10. Verónica

  • Year – 2017

“Verónica” is a 2017 Spanish-language horror film, and is also based on a real-life event, the Vallecas case of 1991.

The story is about Estefania Gutiérrez Lázaro, who conducted a seance at college one day using an Ouija board, and mid-ranged ritual, a nun came in and broke the board.

Following the breaking of the board, Estefanía experienced months of seizures and hallucinations of strange and shadowy figures in her death.

The police stepped in to investigate and heard strange noises in the house, furniture moved on its own, and a crucified Jesus figures separated from its cross on the wall. Until this day, the event remains a mystery.



Most of the events in these listed horror movies did not 100% happen but are still considered to have been acting based on life events.

If you ask me about these horror movies, I can only tell how scary they are, and if horror movies do not freak you out, you might go on to watch them. However, I advise not to let the teens watch; they are horrifically scary.



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