Where to get Free books, textbook and PDF

Are you looking for a place to get some free books for your leisure or some free textbooks for your school work? This article will tell you the right places to look.

If you have a penchant for reading or do read infrequently, in any way, getting books to read after finishing the last one could be stressful sometimes. Besides being financially burdening, searching for book titles to read could set you off. Thanks to the emergence of online libraries that have made access to ebooks easier, than ever. With the help of these digital bookstores, you can browse through the online bookshelves for interesting books to read, ranging from infatuating romance, tech, and artificial intelligence to audiobooks.

Some traditional libraries have found a space online to avoid going extinct. Other websites; offer you the opportunity to download free ebooks to your phone or PC.

You can virtually find books on every topic to read for free.

What to consider before I download free books

Some books are subject to copyright. This means you have to purchase them before downloading. Such books are not always available for free download unless you download them illegally. This may make you think that your favorite books, which you have in mind to read wouldn’t be available for a free download. That may be true, but that’s not always the case.

Books marked as “classics” are always free from copyright laws.

The old literary works and essays are available for free read.

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Where to download free books that are not in the public domain

Finding out that the book you marked for a read is not in the public domain may get you enraged. However, books not being unavailable in the public domain for free does not mean you can’t still download them somewhere else. You can still do that at a cost. If you’re an Apple user, you can download iBook, while Google Play Books are available for Android users. With those friendly built apps, you can download textbooks at a cheaper rate.


 Many genres of books in different formats are available on PDFDrive for free. It has millions of books about diverse topics on its shelves, waiting for readers like you. They don’t require you to pay a cent for each book you download.

Google ebookstore

For Android users, Google ebookstore offers you the wide choice to check the best sellers, reviews, and ratings about a book of your interest. You can find this in the free section of the online bookstore.

Open Archive

There are over a million free copies of books available on Open Archive. Furthermore, it allows users to contribute to the growth of the e-library. So, you can publish your book there. Users can search books by author’s name, book title, and subject.


Freebookspot lists books that are worth a while on their website on every subject from fiction, programming, and tech to other topics of your interest. They provide links to books from other trusted websites.


Scribd is a payment-based library. It also offers new users weeks of a free trial. You can utilize this opportunity to download your favorite textbooks for free before it expires. Scribd is the largest online-based library in the world and provides room for publishers to look for an audience for their work. Therefore, Scribd is beneficial to both publishers, authors, and readers.


Create an account with ManyBooks and be granted access to millions of free ebooks on different subjects, ranging from classics to the latest novels. 

ManyBooks also offer authors/publishers the chance to self-publish their books like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

You can opt to read the books online or download them to your device and read them in your time of comfort.


Goodreads is another great place to get free books. The most interesting fact about it is that it allows you to arrange your books and know the books your preferred authors are reading.

Public Library apps

Although Public Library apps don’t charge a cent, you need their cards to access their online libraries. Getting books from traditional libraries hasn’t gone out of the show; they just modified their modi operandi to cope with the rapidly evolving world. Public Library apps generate the digital version of whatever they lend you, so you can read without having to leave your comfort zone.


BooksBub is filled with free books. A free account with them would open their library door for you. Several books are for sale at a rate below $1, so if your favorite books are not for free download, that amount may not be choking on you.

E-books Space

E-books Space shelters books strictly about the computer body. It covers topics ranging from Programming, Computer IT, and Tutorials to Software Development. E-books Space is one of the best places to download free books on these computer-related topics.


GetFreeBooks links publishers and readers together. Readers could as well contribute to the growth of the website. It’s a safe landing for aspiring publishers or authors hoping to find an audience.

Authors can submit their books to GetFreeBooks for free publishing, and the books will be made available for free download by the website users.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has tens of thousands of free novels to download or read. Readers can decide whether to read the books online or download them to their phones or laptops.

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Where I can find Free Audiobooks?

Getting an audiobook can cost a fortune, and as an avid reader who can’t afford to stay a while without reading through pages, getting books from paid stores would become uneasy. You can overcome boredom by using audiobooks. There are many websites where you can get your audiobook for free.



Librivox is one of the best places to get free audiobooks. It offers free audiobooks on different topics ranging from classics to contemporary books. You can search books by title, author, language, or category.


Goodreads make it possible for readers to check reviews of the audiobook they’re about to download. It also allows users to arrange books and know what their favorite authors are reading.


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