Beautiful lady - Her

Where can I get her?

by Kevin Aroni

Her smile, so dazzling with eyes full of arresting visuals.

A shy girl, with this…

Bashful and chary face, yet tuned with intimidating poise

I try so hard to forget her,

But I keep remembering her every single moment.

Her figure, so eight!

From morning till 8,

My heart fell sick and she healed me with her love drug

My secret, a tinge of humility and resignation

I can’t let her out of my mind

Lest I run out of it.

She gave me sleepless nights all day long,

Hunting to burn foil,

Panting to run toil

So we eat beat and turn pedestal.

Aaargh! But she never took long huh!

She got carried away by the smell of opulence


Where can I get one of her kind?

Tell me where?

Where can I get one to love

Just akin the former

But let the latter not clutter.

Where can I find her?

The duplicate of the previous.

It’s so troubling,

Filling manuscripts and telling tantrums

I lost the moon while counting stars

Oh no!

She fled without a red

Got me tired and tied.

Perhaps she fell into the trap,

Of the palatial lot

But me, son of Capuchin

She bit me damned!

She fled into thread.

Tears brimmed my visage till my face ran dry

Where can I get her?

The one who kept me vigil.


She’s still stuck in my dreams

Yet still.

But when I wake up,

I can’t find her, huh!

She comes with me in my slumber

It’s so real, yet so unreal…

Her touch, so sensual

Her voice, so mournful

When you find her,

Tell her to come for me,

But never around me!

Now I’m two unknowns

To eliminate or to substitute to find

It’s so dried up!

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