What May be Keeping You from Finishing a Writing Project

What can you do to overcome what may be keeping you from finishing a writing project? To figure this out, you have to know the things stopping you are. This article is meant to help you deal with this.

The best way is to start

What May be Keeping You from Finishing a Writing Project

We have spent time dealing with the issues compounding our writing journeys and how to go around them. Struggling to get through isn’t just a hiccup; there are stages to overcome

to ensure our aims come true. Time and again, we get stuck. We should remember that what we encounter will make us stronger and more creative.

There is a popular cliche; “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” – however, going in the field of writing may not necessarily depict this position from every angle but to an extent. If you’re a writer who struggles to finish a writing project, you may want to find out why and how to finish it up, either seamlessly or one step at a time; your pace is your choice and determining it also is your call.


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A few of the hurdles that might keep you from finishing your writing project include-

1. Procrastination – The process of promising or scheduling your writing to a later time. You may end up being lazy about it or forget it altogether. The way around this is quite simple – you can start scheduling your writing and setting a word limit to reach each writing session.

2. Distraction – This is one of the main hurdles in almost every writer’s way. There are many forms of distraction one can experience as a writer. Examples include noise,

disturbances from friends and family, discomfort from the environmental phenomenon, social media engagements, beeping sounds of incoming texts and calls, emergencies, etc.

Some writers find muse from the immediate occurrence of events around their environments, while it is a big NO for others. You may want to discover what works for you when writing.

3. Perfectionism – You indeed want to appear cool and perfect; every writer does. What is not cool is trying to be great without overcoming challenges or expecting that you have a top-notch expression that people would admire and have no atom of criticism about it. When trying to be perfect, you end up not finishing your writing project as you’ll be stuck with editing and proofreading.

There are lots of differences between creative work and perfectionism. Creativity fears no ridicule and doesn’t stumble on it – it only scales through criticism, grabs and refines it, and then adds it to itself to appear better next time.

For more factors that may hinder you from completing your work – surf the pages of this website; they have been critically analysed in some other articles.


There are, however, a few other things to note when you want to finish up a project you started – these include:


● Drive motivation towards you – When you are writing, you need strong motivation to keep you on track. Tell yourself what you stand to gain when you finish up your project.

Writers who write for people as ghostwriters or freelancers are motivated by the money involved in their projects. These writers do their best to be creative and appear perfect because they have a client or clients to impress. The writers are often creative and produce good results as their services give them credit after delivery.

What if you’re not a freelancer or ghostwriter? As a blogger, an indie writer, or an author, you often get feedback from your readers on your mail, either praising your work or criticizing it. Sometimes, they come in as suggestions – the feedback feeds your morale and boosts your spirit, urging you to do more and to be what you want.

● Planning – I plan my work sometimes to help me keep tabs and not miss my schedule. Other than writing, there are many things to do outside – the real world. Therefore, I dictate to myself that I’d achieve my daily writing goal by focusing on my

work and attaining a certain feat (word count) that I mapped out. You can try this strategy.

 Find yourself out – When you finally find yourself out, you’ll discover that writing is seamless. Some genres may not be for you. This does not in any way suggest that you cannot write them; rather, it means you write them less perfect than what you’re really

made for.

Before I started creating content, I was a fiction writer, creating stories in my mind and putting them down in writing. However, I rediscovered that contents are often seamless when I create them; it became fashionable for me, and eventually, I fell in love with it.



There is something you do when You insist on finishing up what you started; You improve. You may not believe it, but when you finish your work and send it out, feedback flies in and help you

see where you are flawed – of course, you need to sieve the replies you get because there will be some negative thoughts that may sound depressing to you. I simply ignore the negative ones, pick up and dust the positive ones, and use them in my next project.

Most importantly, you can only become prominent when you finish projects given to you; you expand your network as well. You can only become dormant when you give up; you may not like to be counted as a failure.

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