What Is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business

What Is Amazon Business?

As we all know, Amazon is the largest online marketplace that can help you process purchasing of items. Well, do you know that you can also sell on Amazon? Amazon is known as Amazon Business.

Amazon, as a whole, has developed the business feature for businesses, organizations, large enterprises, governments, non-profitable organizations, schools, and healthcare institutions.

Also, not to confuse you, having an Amazon account does not mean you can start up a small-scale business on Amazon.

So, in this article, I will be explaining how Amazon’s business works.

Amazon Business

How Does Amazon Business Work?

Amazon business allows you to purchase goods without going through a multi-step acquisition process.

Amazon’s business feature consists of a specific shipment day for your business and includes a tax exemption status for nonprofits.

One smart thing about this Amazon business is that it is free to use and easy to set up. Once you are eligible for it, you can add up multiple buyers or purchases to one central account.

Amazon business account users are fit for certain benefits that I will be sharing with you later in this guide.


Benefits Of Amazon Business

Not just having the advantage of promoting your brand with an Amazon business account, but there are other tangible benefits attached to the Amazon business feature. Below are the attached benefits –


Buying From Other Businesses

One of the benefits of Amazon Business is the spectacular way of purchasing from Amazon. It is the same as purchasing from Amazon with a normal shopper’s account.


Selling To Other Businesses

The basic aim of Amazon business is to allow you to sell your products to other businesses.

While selling your goods on Amazon can make more profits than you can ever imagine. You can use the platform to increase your Buyer-2- Buyer sales.

However, your experience does not matter in this business type because no one cares if you really are a new Amazon seller or totally new to the e-commerce business.


Amazon Business Seller Program

You can set up your product catalogue and start dealing with selling on Amazon, but that will require you to set up your whole profile first.

However, Amazon Business has another feature to introduce to sellers. It is called Amazon Business Sellers Program, and its benefits are listed below –

  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) — An FBA business has its orders fulfilled and shipped from Amazon fulfilment centres across the country.
  • Merchant fulfilment — Merchants fulfil orders directly following Amazon Business packaging requirements. Shipping and fulfilment are up to the merchant, and these orders are not eligible for Prime status.
  • Hybrid approach — Some businesses choose to fulfil their own orders and work as an Amazon FBA business.

Amazon Business Prime

Another business feature that Amazon offer is Amazon business prime. So, just like the normal Amazon prime, this certain benefit offers free two-day shipping on over 100 million items.

Amazon business prime – Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for you to try out Amazon Business Prime.


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Who Can Use Amazon Business?

Although Amazon is an e-commerce site where businesses are processed, there are business types and entities that Amazon allows. Here are the organizations that fit the profile –

Small Scale Businesses

The first is small-scale businesses. Yes, Amazon allows owners of small firms to run their businesses in their space.

So, as a small business owner, you should not freak out wondering if Amazon would allow your company to sell its products using its site. You can sell on Amazon provided your business is legal.

Public Sector And Non-Profitable Organizations

The public sector and Non-profitable Organizations are next on our list regarding which people can use Amazon.

So, if you are managing such an organization and need an online platform your business will get publicized. You can choose to use Amazon.

Corporate And Enterprise Businesses

Enterprises are also given the space to increase their business sales on the Amazon platform.

So, if you are an already established business, Amazon can build your business up by advertising to people that had no idea about your business.



Amazon Business is a better option for small businesses since the e-commerce site helps in publicizing. Also, having an Amazon Business account will help you increase your B2B sales. However, you need a solid business plan.

That is all for Amazon Business, and if you feel there is a question of yours that is not answered, reach the comment section and do the needful, while we will take time to do that.



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