What is a Subordinating Conjunction?

What is a subordinating conjunction? This question deserves does not only bother high school students alone, but every student of English language, whether it used as a first or second language.

A subordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction that connects a dependent clause to an independent clause, indicating the relationship between them.

Subordinating conjunctions are used to introduce subordinate clauses, which cannot stand alone as a sentence and rely on the main clause for their meaning.

Examples of subordinating conjunctions include “because,” “although,” “if,” “while,” “unless,” “since,” “before,” “after,” “when,” “whenever,” “wherever,” and “though.”

Here’s an example of a sentence that uses a subordinating conjunction:

“Although it was raining, we decided to go for a walk.”

In this sentence, “although” is the subordinating conjunction that introduces the subordinate clause “it was raining.” The independent clause is “we decided to go for a walk.”

Subordinating Conjunction Definition

what is a subordinating conjunction

A subordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction that is used to connect a dependent clause to an independent clause.

A dependent clause (also known as a subordinate clause) cannot stand alone as a sentence, and it relies on the main clause for its meaning.

A subordinating conjunction introduces a dependent clause and indicates the relationship between the dependent clause and the independent clause. It shows how the information in the dependent clause is related to the information in the main clause.

Some common subordinating conjunctions include “although,” “because,” “if,” “since,” “when,” and “while.” Examples of sentences that use subordinating conjunctions include “Although I am tired, I will finish my work” and “Because it is raining, I will take an umbrella.”

List of Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions are used to connect a dependent clause to an independent clause. Here is a list of some common subordinating conjunctions:

  1. After
  2. Although
  3. As
  4. As if
  5. As long as
  6. As soon as
  7. As though
  8. Because
  9. Before
  10. Even if
  11. Even though
  12. If
  13. In order that
  14. Once
  15. Provided that
  16. Since
  17. So that
  18. Than
  19. Though
  20. Till
  21. Unless
  22. Until
  23. When
  24. Whenever
  25. Where
  26. Wherever
  27. While.

Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

Here are some examples of subordinating conjunctions used in sentences:

  1. After I finish my homework, I’ll watch TV.
  2. Although it was raining, we decided to go for a walk.
  3. As she walked into the room, everyone turned to look at her.
  4. As if he hadn’t caused enough trouble, he decided to speak out of turn.
  5. As long as you promise to behave, we can go to the movies.
  6. As soon as the sun sets, the bats come out to hunt.
  7. As though he didn’t care, he continued to play his video game.
  8. Because it was snowing, we decided to stay home.
  9. Before you leave, can you help me with this?
  10. Even if you don’t want to go, I’m still going to the party.
  11. Even though it was late, she insisted on finishing her work.
  12. If you want to pass the test, you’ll need to study hard.
  13. In order that she might understand, I explained it again.
  14. Once the cake has cooled, we can decorate it.
  15. Provided that you have your ID, you can enter the building.
  16. Since it’s your birthday, we’ll celebrate with a party.
  17. So that I won’t forget, I wrote it down in my notebook.
  18. He’s taller than his brother.
  19. Though it was cold outside, she refused to wear a coat.
  20. We’ll stay here till the rain stops.
  21. Unless you hurry, we’ll be late.
  22. I won’t leave until the job is done.
  23. When the train arrives, we’ll board it.
  24. Whenever I see her, she’s always smiling.
  25. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
  26. Wherever you go, I’ll follow.
  27. While he was sleeping, the burglars broke into his house.

Subordinating Conjunctions Exercises

Sure, here are some exercises for you to practice using subordinating conjunctions:

  1. _________ it’s raining, we should bring an umbrella.
  2. I’ll be happy _________ I pass the test.
  3. _________ we finish our work, we can go home.
  4. She couldn’t sleep _________ she drank some warm milk.
  5. He can’t play with his friends _________ he finishes his homework.
  6. _________ she left, she gave me a hug.
  7. We’ll have to postpone the picnic _________ it rains.
  8. I’ll come with you _________ you promise to be careful.
  9. He was late _________ his car wouldn’t start.
  10. _________ we get to the store, let’s pick up some bread.


  1. Since
  2. If
  3. Once
  4. Until
  5. Until
  6. Before
  7. If
  8. As long as
  9. Because
  10. As soon as.

Subordinating conjunctions play an important role in connecting dependent clauses to independent clauses in sentences. They help to create complex sentences, allowing for a greater variety of sentence structures and more descriptive writing.

Using subordinating conjunctions can also help to show relationships between ideas and clarify the meaning of a sentence.

By understanding and using subordinating conjunctions correctly, writers can improve the clarity and coherence of their writing.

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