Voice Over Sample Scripts for Clients and Voice Talent

Use these free voice-over sample scripts to help write your next voice-over script or use them to practice your voice-over skills.


free scripts for voice over auditions

If you want to script a commercial but need some assistance with the writing and artistic direction—or if you just want some voice-over practice scripts—these samples, organized by industry, will help you succeed.

Each script depicts a fictitious company and includes artistic direction as well as demographic information. You can use them as inspiration and as a guide to help you learn how to format audio scripts.


How Do I Learn Voice Over?

As a serious voice actor, you should practice regularly.

However, learning how to practice voice acting can be difficult if you don’t have scripts to work from or someone to coach you along the way.

Let us begin with scripts. You’ll find dozens of free script examples below, which will answer your first question about how to practice voice acting.

When you pick up a script, you should have a feel for the text, study it, learn its internal rhythm, and make a mental note of where to breathe. For the vocal marathon ahead, you’ll also need to know how to change the mood of your voice (tone) and how to consistently carry a theme or interpretation.

This is especially true for narration and documentary voiceovers.

Read the scripts below aloud while adhering to the creative direction provided in the brief. Record yourself reading and listen back to give yourself feedback. Keep an eye out for:


Your Breathing

As previously stated, you may want to make notes about when to take a breath, which will become clear after the first recording and listening back.


Your Pace, Pitch, Projection, and Pauses

Are you talking really fast? Is your cadence appropriate for the situation in the script? Are you speaking unusually loudly for the sake of a conversational script?


Your Recordings’ Background Noise

Is there background noise in the audio if you’re sitting in the room where you’ll be recording for clients? Like a bus passing by outside, the TV on in the next room, or your upstairs neighbors’ footsteps?

While this isn’t a complete guide to voice-over practice, it’s a good place to start. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to voice-over practice, look no further.


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What Voice-Over Scripts Should I Make Use of for My Demo?

Please feel free to use these voice-over script samples! When auditioning for jobs, keep in mind that only a small portion of the reader should be included in your demo. A 7 to 15-second read of a 30-second voice-over script, for example, will suffice for your audition demo.

Voice Over Scripts

  • Car Commercial Scripts
  • Entertainment Commercial Scripts
  • Events and Special Occasion Commercial Scripts
  • Explainer Video Scripts
  • Banking and Financial Scripts
  • Healthcare Scripts
  • Real Estate Commercial Scripts
  • Retail Commercial Scripts
  • Travel Commercial Scripts
  • Video Game Scripts
  • Movie Trailer Scripts
  • Talking Toy Scripts
  • Scripts for Non Profit
  • Scripts for Seasonal Ads
  • Narration Scripts
  • Technical Scripts
  • Insurance Scripts
  • Smart Speaker Scripts
  • Podcast Intro Scripts
  • Product Demo Video Scripts
  • Extras

Vocal Warm Ups

Vocal Warm Ups

It is critical to warm up your voice before speaking. It’s critical to warm up your voice before entering your booth or even starting your practice.

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure that you warm up your voice correctly and avoid straining your vocal cords.



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