Top Five Free Places in Lagos for Art Lovers.

Are you an art lover? Here are Top Five Free Places in Lagos for Art Lovers.

Lagos isn’t a state that speaks the language of free things; it is not Freetown. However, you can still enjoy the luxuries that Lagos offers for free or at very small prices. One of the best places in Lagos where you can enjoy such luxuries is the creative part of Lagos state which holds historical values and artwork. One such place is the Terra Kulture Art Gallery. To truly enjoy these free historical places in Lagos, all you need is an explorer’s eye and a camera. Lagos is the land of culture, and it is only expected that it has a lot of artwork to enjoy. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Terra Kulture Art Gallery

Located on Victoria Island, Lagos. This art gallery is a hub for all the art enthusiasts in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. The display of artwork in this gallery is specially chosen to meet the taste of both the locals and foreigners. It is highly impossible to get bored in the Terra Kulture in Lagos. The most amazing part is that the African-themed artwork is displayed for all to see for free, with no dime paid. You only have to pay for the art books sold in the bookstore. On the terrace, you can lounge and enjoy free WiFi. This art gallery is one of the best art galleries in Lagos. It has everything that an art lover can be looking to see. So when next you are in Lagos, stop by this art gallery and enjoy.


Muri Okunola Park

Located at Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. Sometimes Lagos can get very busy and crowded, and one will need to relax and just have a minute or two to himself. This is where Muri Okunola Park comes in. It is located in the heart of Lagos, which is Victoria Island, and with the recently added WiFi, courtesy of the Lagos State Government, it is easier to have such a great time in this park. Though it doesn’t hold any artwork or pull a massive crowd, it can stir up your creative side and make you do art. It is famous for its relaxing ambience and how beautiful it looks in pictures. The park in Lagos is also known to host outdoor movies, which you should plan to attend.



Didi Museum’s Creativity Classes

At Didi’s Museum, located in Lagos, there is a creativity class organized for the children every Saturday, and the only thing you will have to pay for is the materials used by the kids, which could cost little or next to nothing. The goal is to help children discover the joy of art making and teach them the ways involved in art making.

The class hires professionals to teach the youngsters craft-making, sketching, painting, writing, poetry, and music. And while the children are learning more about the language of art, you can sit in a corner and wait for them. While doing so, you can keep busy with a book, particularly an art book. This is an opportunity you will rarely find in Lagos, so it’s advisable to grab it when you still can.


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MUSON Center

Located in Onikan, Lagos. MUSON (Musical Society of Nigeria) centre is a home for classical music in Lagos. If you are craving a night of bliss like opera music and looking for where you can locate it in Lagos, we strongly advise heading to MUSON centre. The feel of the art you will get from this place is next to none, and it should not be joked with in any manner. The centre was opened in 1995, and every October, a weeklong feast of drama, jazz, art exhibitions, and opera is hosted at the centre in Lagos. Most of the events put on by the organization are free, and it can be quite hard to find an artistic opportunity like this in Lagos.


Nike Art Gallery

If you desperately want royal treatment in an art facility, then Nike Art Gallery is where you should be. It is located in Lekki, Lagos, and trust us when we say that you will not regret any trip you make to that location. Nike Art Gallery is possibly the biggest in Lagos, and the staff in this location are known for one thing – treating their customers like royalty. They do this by dressing you up in a Yoruba costume, that is, if you don’t mind.
Nevertheless, this experience is one you won’t get anywhere else in Lagos.

The art gallery in Lagos is open every day of the week, and its four floors hold beautiful paintings, beads, fabrics, handicrafts, and furniture. However, if you need older traditional artwork, you have to go to the uppermost floor. You can even pick up an art souvenir from its craft shop. These are not the only things you can enjoy in this art gallery. You can also take a stroll in the front yard, which is dotted with a fine collection of sculptures crafted from metal, tire, and stone, which portrays art in a different light.
There are a hundred and one free artworks one can enjoy in Lagos. You do not necessarily need so much money; you can even bring your family or loved ones to share in the experience.



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