Top 30 Crafts That Can Make You Money

Are you looking for a business you can start easily or a simple craft to fetch you some side-income? Top 30 Crafts That Can Make You Money will show you some useful options.


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Top 30 Crafts That Can Make You Money

In a society now where most people depend on earning a living through crafts, c

You see, each time craft-making is talked about, most people ignore it because they do not seem creative enough to decide which craft-making is successful. However, if you are having this issue, you do not need to worry; I will be sharing with you the top 30 crafts that can make you money in this article.


Top 30 Crafts That Can Make You Money


Event Planners And Organizers

Event planning and organizing are considered the crafts individuals are using to stabilize their financial life.

Going into event planning and organizing does not require much; you only need to make your services unique, then publicize your brand.


Arts and Print

Although arts and print need training in some aspects, certain arts and print concepts do not require you to be trained to make them happen; you only need to be creative.


Handmade Soap

I am pretty sure that you have seen or come across individuals making their soup from scratch. Well, handmade soap is one of the most prominent crafts that anyone can adopt.

While other crafts might not require you to invest, handmade soap requires much investment from you.


Decorative Wreaths

You should be familiar with decorative wreaths if you do present yourself on occasion often. Decorative wreaths are about using twisting or folding clothing materials to make a decoration out of it.

This craft pays a lot; you can learn it now and later use it.


Shoe Making

Have you ever thought about a world where there is no big firm to make shoes?

Imagine there are no firms making shoes. Will we be walking barefoot? You see, this is why shoemaking is a valuable craft in our society. So, if you are opportune to make a shoe or learn, you should not waste the opportunity.


Photography, at times, acts like a memory medium. Hence, humans value photography just like any other craft.

Before concluding that photography does not pay, know that photography is one of the crafts that pay well these days.


While different people have different views about painting, others have turned painting into a craft. There are places in different regions of the world where a painting is valued to the core.

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Greeting Cards

Maybe you might have heard of greeting cards as a craft people are using to make money. Yes, it is true. You can start designing greeting cards for this year’s Xmas. I am very sure you will have people compensating for your business.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are one of the most valuable crafts today as individuals love to get a bird cage for their birds.

Hair Accessories

Yes, it is a well-known craft made by the majority of people.

If you have any creativity in this field, you can start making hair accessories to make money.

Bracelets And Bangles

Most people prefer to be gifted bangles and bracelets instead of buying them, but that should not scare you because there are still people who are interested in buying themselves this handmade craft.

Pet Accessories

In some developed countries and developing countries, pet accessories are very useful. People buy them for their pets. People in these countries make pet accessories to generate money for their upkeep.

Picture Frame

If you can start making picture frames, you can as well start making money to your satisfaction.

Crafting picture frames generates a lot of money for the crafter.

Gift Baskets

Most gift baskets you see people using are crafted by individuals, and most of them usually generate sales on heavy occasions, important events, and celebrations.

Flower Vessels

Flower vessels are a beautiful craft. You can start with this craft type. This business pays a lot, but you will need to advertise your business at least a little.

Scarves And Hats Knitting

Knitting scarves and hats turn out to be an excellent craft-making job. Some people have already turned this business into a profession, though it is not bad.

Liquor Bottles

You can be customized liquor bottles for a business or manufacture them and sell them in public.

Decorative Pillows

Decorating the pillow is one of the most beautiful crafts. So, if you can decorate it, you should stick to it because it pays a lot.


The majority has lost interest in joining in crafting mats. The main reason people are not into this craft is that most think it is not beneficial, but then, it is.

Face Masks

During the time when the COVID-19 pandemic was still hovering at a low across the globe, people customized face masks and sold them to make money. Face masks are still in vogue; you can try them.

Paper Flower

Paper flowers might not be paying as they used to, but it is still one of the good crafts to start a craft business with.

Making flowers from paper is simple, though you need to make your craft work unique. 

Creating Stickers

Creating stickers for sale pays a lot as people now prefer using stickers to communicate with others on social media instead of wasting time typing.

Face Cream

If you have an idea of what you make as a face cream that could help people clear spots on their faces without returning any side effects, you can start making it.

Photo On Wood Transfer

Most individuals in the field of arts and print deal with transferring photos on wood. Hence, they might be doing it.

Ribbon/Toys For Children

Making toys or ribbons for children will generate sales. You only need to be creative regarding what children love.

Makeup Accessories

Creating makeup accessories is not considered a bad craft, although most of your consumers might be women depending on your environment.

Decorated Mugs

Decorated mugs are unique. Well, if you know how to transfer art to mugs, then what’s stopping you from using it to make money? You can start it today.

Fabrics KeyChain/Key-holder

The number of people in the market to get fabric keychains or key-holder is increasing daily. So, making keychains or key-holder for sale is not a bad idea.


Make purses to sell today; it is one of the best craft jobs to consider if you have an idea of what you are doing.

Customized Torch Light

Customized torch lights are selling more easily in the market.

You can design a torch light to start making money from it.

How Much Can I Make From Selling Crafts?

It depends on how consistent you are and what craft you do. However, you can make up to $100 monthly from craft.

Where Can I Sell My Crafts?

The best place to sell your craft is online. You can use eBay to sell it, Esty, or use the Facebook marketplace.

Also, your crafts can still be making sales offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Selling Crafts Require Much?

No, selling crafts does not require much; it is a small-scale business.

Is Craft Making A Good Profession?

Not really, you can choose to turn craft-making into a profession if you want to, and it is not a bad idea.


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