Top 10 Mental Health Apps and Resources for Men

Top 10 Mental Health Apps and Resources for Men

In the modern world, men are disproportionately affected by the pressing issue of mental health. Due to the widespread use of digital technologies, there are now more tools and apps than ever that can be used to assist people in finding mental health resources. These Top 10 Mental Health Apps and Resources for Men are examined in this article.

top 10 mental health apps

What can these Apps Do?

Apps and tools can offer men seeking assistance for mental health issues a variety of options, from online support groups to telemedicine services. Men can now access information and support from the convenience of their homes thanks to technological advancements.

In general, there is a wide range of apps that concentrate on various issues, such as offering educational materials or connecting users with mental health professionals, while others provide social support through online communities or forums. There are many advantages to using apps and tools for mental health. 

These are sufficient on their own for those who only need to maintain their typical challenges with mental health and wellness.

You can stay in check with just these smartphone applications. Please contact a mental health professional to receive the necessary treatment, though, if you have a severe condition or mental health issues. 


What Advantages Come With Using Mental Wellness Apps? 


Accessing and using tools and apps is simple. They offer a convenient way to access resources for mental health and are available anytime, anywhere.

Saving money

When compared to more traditional mental health services, like therapy sessions, using apps and tools can be significantly less expensive. Many apps are cost-free or give users special prices. 

Additionally, these tools are fantastic for self-management and alleviation. These tools can significantly increase the effectiveness of therapists in their diagnosis and treatment by documenting symptoms, even though nothing beats real people for this. 


Apps and other tools can assist people in becoming more cognizant of their mental health. Keeping track of one’s goals, progress, and symptoms can help people understand their mental health. An app like this serves as a reminder of my progress while I am caught up in the daily grind. 

Better Communication

People can communicate about their mental health with loved ones and healthcare professionals more effectively by using apps and tools. Personally, I discovered that writing helps me express my ideas and emotions more clearly.

Additionally, it is a great way for me to express them clearly in writing, which will help me communicate more effectively. This aids people in locating the best treatment for their mental health requirements.

Top 10 Mental Health Apps and Resources for Men


The more expensive option is Talkspace, which costs $65 per week with monthly subscription options as well. But it is valuable in that it accepts insurance, enables you to speak with a mental health expert directly, gives you the choice to switch therapists if you do not click, and gives you access to treatment whenever you need it.

Additionally, it will probably be much less expensive than physically visiting a therapist. In addition to scheduling live video sessions, Talkspace allows you to chat with your therapist directly from the app.


If you are Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour who has felt a special need to prioritise their mental health in light of the events the last few years have brought, this may be the app for you.

This app seeks to empower BIPOC through social support and specially crafted mental health services. Among the services offered are peer support, stress-relieving tools, journaling and meditation exercises, discussions specifically focused on the mental health of BIPOCs and more.


If you struggle with anxiety and are looking for flexible strategies to help you manage it, Calm might be a good resource. It offers personalised, on-demand meditation exercises that are simple to follow and have relaxing music. With an annual membership, you can even get a free seven-day trial.


Another mental wellness app that focuses on meditation is called Headspace, and it is likely the most well-known one.

This app is chock full of hundreds of guided sessions to help with everything from your energy levels, ability to focus, or quality of sleep. Additionally, it offers a “move mode” that includes brief physical exercises like yoga sessions.


Have you ever wished that taking care of your mental health was more enjoyable? Do not look elsewhere than Happify.

The app, which uses games to help boost your mood, was developed with effective psychology techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy interventions in mind. Games cover topics like stress, professional success, and mindfulness.


The app Moodfit offers everything from exercises to combat negative emotions and self-talk to mood tracking. Since it does not offer direct access to licenced professionals, the app can also assist you in assessing the severity of your symptoms so you can decide whether it is worthwhile to seek outside medical help.

It also gives you the ability to determine whether other elements, such as the calibre of your sleep and your medication, are also having an effect on your mood. Finally, it provides advice and resources to help you develop mindfulness and gratitude.

Better Stop Suicide

Suicidal thoughts can be dreadful and isolating. This free app offers exercises created with psychological techniques used by mental health professionals, as well as the option to record audio messages for yourself, for those who are not quite ready to speak with a professional. 

You can also save key contacts for when you need them and can be a source of help in a crucial moment when you might not be able to access a trusted resource immediately.

Quit That!

There is no denying that overcoming an addiction has a mental health component, which is why a tool like this one can be very beneficial. This free app provides the ability to track habits to quit smoking, drinking alcohol or other drug use, as well as even kicking caffeine. Tracking your habits and seeing how much money you’re saving as more time goes on can provide surefire motivation as you work to stay strong.


Sanvello is a free to low-cost app that provides quality CBT tools to help users find stress relief and also aid with mild to moderate cases of anxiety and depression.

With a monthly subscription for advanced features, this research-backed app provides access to licensed therapists, which may also be covered by health insurance. It also provides guided assessments to track your progress and work on certain skills, as well as community to connect with other users anonymously.


Liberate: Black Meditation App

This subscription-based app provides mediation practices and talks specifically created for members of the Black community. These tools help individuals cope with issues related to racial microaggressions while also addressing a lack of representation among marginalized communities, both in providers and in individuals seeking resources like this one.

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