To Crave a Lie

To Crave a Lie

by Onyeka Ndukwe

lie Bubble

We welcome you,
The weakling that you are
Come and bask in our glory
As we dine on your story

You poor thing
Thrown onto that orb of dirt and pain,
Fighting to live yet living to fight
Living to die yet dying to live
A race of rats would be more amusing
Still, we find joy in your struggles
Those baser instincts which drive you
Into our gilded arms like a lost infant

Now you kneel at our feet
Craving our blessing, our safety
Our protection from that which you fear
The wretched light that would expose you

The truth reveals all, this we know,
Exactly why we dwell in shadow
Where else can a lie be king?
To be loved and adored
Only by they who wander into our domain
Weak of heart, brittle in spirit
Perfect fodder for our growth
Our web is spun, the net cast wide
To ensnare those of vaulted pride.

Forgive us, child
These lips glisten with drool
The luscious terror in you is..tantalizing
But one must focus on the task at hand

You now gaze up with pleading hands
Eager for our salvation,
Your desperation blinds you
A boon to our twilight kingdom
Had you cleared your eyes
Had you dropped your pride
You would have glimpsed our comfy throne
Built on bones, decked with souls
Some from kings, some from priests
Others from mighty warriors and women

Alas, all you see is darkness
Our innocent smile is the sole light
Beckoning all in sight
To approach and bend the knee

Take my hand and I will hide you,
Away from reality and your mistakes.
Your infidelity and failed responsibility
Will not dare enter our domain.
What I ask for in return is a small thing
A useless trinket to you but a gem to us
What is a soul to they who flee the truth?
Nothing to you but everything to us

Come closer, child, closer still
There is shadow enough to hide your shame
Enough to conceal our fangs
Let our grip tighten on your heart.

Rest your eyes and your cares,
Your weary head is a fine one indeed.
Soon it will be displayed like all the others
Truly a trophy fit for a king.

As you sink into our warm embrace,
Your mind dulled by delusions and relief,
We will whisper this truth into your ear
Before we dine upon your fear

To crave a lie is a dangerous thing
An ardent desire which many souls rue
What they never ask is odd but true
What if it is the lie that craves you?


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