Things Pregnant Women Should Do To Keep Them Mentally And Physically Fit

Pregnant woman standing

Things Pregnant Women Should Do To Keep Them Mentally And Physically Fit

We know you enjoy applying our helpful and creative health tips. However, never forget that you must check with your doctor to ensure that the recommendation is safe for you. It is especially necessary when considering things pregnant women should to stay healthy.


Pregnant woman standing

Things pregnant women should to stay healthy

Carrying around another human in your body can be exhausting and frustrating sometimes. We know this and what we also know is that you can solve the soreness of your legs and waist pain. All you need to do is keep reading this article to find out how you can do that. Well, let’s dive right into it.


Important Things Pregnant Women Should Do

The list of the things pregnant women should do to maintain a healthy life is endless, but the important one is to exercise. Most pregnant women don’t exercise because they feel it is not good for their babies. Surprisingly, exercising helps not only the mother but the baby as well. Experts have confirmed that exercising does not increase the risk of a miscarriage, premature birth, or a baby with low birth weight. Despite this recommendation by experts, it is expedient to discuss with your doctor before embarking on any physical exercise.


Benefits Of Physical Activity

Besides the general benefits of exercising, pregnant women get an additional value. Let us take a look.

✔ Physical activities help relieve you of stress and help you sleep better.

✔ It helps relieve some discomfort that comes with pregnancy: Contrary to popular belief, exercising helps to ease the discomfort that comes with pregnancy. These discomforts include back pain, sore legs, swollen ankles and feet, constipation, and much more.

✔ When you exercise as a pregnant woman, you will keep the right amount of weight.

✔ Exercising as a pregnant woman keeps your mind healthy and sound. And it also does wonders for your heart, lungs, and several other body organs by keeping them in the right condition

during pregnancy.

✔ Exercising prepares your body for labour and birth by strengthening your bones and giving you the energy you will need to give birth. Also, mental exercises such as yoga can help your breathing and also help in keeping you calm as you go through labour.

✔ It also helps to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. Some such complications are gestational diabetes which happens when your body has too much sugar in the blood. It only occurs during pregnancy, and when you exercise, you will be burning the sugar molecules that would have accumulated in your blood. Another complication is preeclampsia. This is a high blood pressure disease that pregnant women develop when they have gotten to their 20th

week of pregnancy or after having given birth.

✔ It reduces the risk of you having your baby through a C-section that is cesarean birth.


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Types Of Exercises Pregnant Women Should Do

Now that we know why it is important for pregnant women to exercise, let us look at the types of physical exercises they should do. Not all exercises are appropriate for pregnant women. Pregnant women need moderate-intensity exercises; they shouldn’t last for more than 2 hours 30 minutes every week. A

moderate-intensity exercise is an exercise that can make you sweat and also increase your heart rate.

If you need a simple way to know that you are overworking yourself, try and say a few words and if you find it difficult to talk normally, know that you are overworking yourself. In that case, you don’t have to exercise for 2 hours and 30 minutes straight. You can break it up during the week by exercising for 30

minutes per day.

For women that have never exercised before, it is advisable to start with simple exercises and to work on them for 5 minutes per day till you have developed enough stamina to increase the time. But for women who have been exercising before they got pregnant, this is not the time to slack. You continue your workout, but as your pregnancy advances and your stomach gets bigger, you may need to ease off on some hectic exercises that you have been doing and stick to the simple ones. Here is a list of some physical exercises that you should try.

1. Walking: This is very good for women who just started their exercise journey. You can take an evening stroll every evening; it will help ease your back pain. You can take a brisk walk during the day. The idea to be active during this beautiful period.

2. Riding a bicycle: I know what you are thinking. Won’t I fall off the bicycle? Well, if you were riding a regular bicycle, you may. This is why we advise that you ride a stationary bicycle. It

eliminates the risk of you falling off, and you still get some minutes exercising and let us face it, you’ll have fun.

3. Swimming: This is another fun exercise you can easily execute. Swimming eases the pains in your joints and muscles. If you experience low back pain with other exercise activities, swimming will rid you of those pains. And what’s more, the water will support the weight of your growing baby.

4. Yoga: We have listed some exercises that will help your physical growth. Let us talk about one that will also contribute to your mental health. Yoga poses will not only help you keep fit

but will also help with your mental health. Still, talk with your instructor and get poses that will not injure your child.


It is worth noting that a pregnant woman shouldn’t try out all exercises. Such activities to avoid include –

✔ Any exercise that involves hitting the belly, like boxing, basketball, or even soccer.

✔ Activities that will cause you to hit the water with so much force, like surfing.

✔ Activities that make you lie flat on your back.

✔ Activities that contain a lot of jerky movements, like riding a horse or skating.

✔ Exercise at high altitudes, like sky diving.

✔ Exercise that will drastically increase your body’s temperature, like Bikram yoga.

It is important to exercise but stay safe out there and know what to do and what not to do when carrying a baby.

Things pregnant women should to stay healthy – boost your wellness as you go through this beautiful experience of motherhood.



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