The Story of The Lightning and The Thunder

The Story of The Lightning and The Thunder tells why the lightning and the thunder occur at the same time – you see the lightning before you hear the thunder.



The Lightning and The Thunder

Once upon a time, lightning and thunder lived on the earth. They used to live among all the people of the world. One day, thunder, the mother sheep, went out with her son, a ram, to the market to get some food. 

They arrived just in time to get all the fresh and good foodstuff they needed. As thunder was busy shopping for food items, an ant stepped on lightning’s foot, and he immediately felt it because he was also so sensitive.

“What the hell is that?!” Lightning stormed.

“Umm, sorry, sir. I wasn’t looking at where I was going,” the ant replied meekly.

“Of course, you weren’t. You have no eyes and no sense. How can you know to use your tiny eyes?!” Lightning continued to roar.

“I said I’m sorry,” the ant was no longer begging. This angered the lightning all the more. 

Thunder, who was busy buying foodstuffs for them, did not notice all that was going on. Before anyone could tell her that her son was fighting again, lightning had gotten so angry.

Whenever he got that angry, he usually radiated flames of burning fire. That was exactly what happened in the market. In less than a minute, the entire marketplace was ablaze. 

People were running helter-skelter to rescue themselves from being burnt. Unfortunately, many people couldn’t escape the stampede and the burning flame; and they died. 

Later, the king got fed up with the thunder and lightning living amongst them. So, he called them for a meeting with the elders.

“My elders, we are gathered here today to discuss what we are going to do about these two individuals!” The king opened the meeting.

“Cast them aside!”

“Kill them!” 

“Banish them from the kingdom!” 

The elders all shouted at once. This made it very difficult for the king to hear a single opinion. So, he raised his hand to silence the crowd. 

“We will decide without bringing down the roof of my house. Now, I like the idea of banishing them from the kingdom. Is there anyone else who doesn’t like it?” He asked the elders. 

They knew it best to go against the king’s wish, so they all agreed with his idea. 

Just like that, the thunder and the lightning were banished from living with the people on earth; and they were sent to a faraway land. Still, in that land, news reached the king that lightning was still going around destroying things whenever he was angry. The informants also said that thunder had started acting like a parent, and she was scolding lightning. So every time he would finish destroying a place in his anger, she would be heard shouting at him. 

After the complaints got out of hand, the king ordered that the thunder and the lightning be driven out of the town and sent to a forest. The same thing occurred there. The lightning was always destroying things, and thunder was always scolding him when he was done; the pattern remained. It got so bad that lightning almost destroyed the whole forest.

The king knew that he had to do something about it, and he had to do it soon. So he ordered them to leave the forest and banished them to the sky.

Until today, the lightning can still be seen doing damage with her light, and the thunder can still be heard scolding him. Sometimes when the thunder is not around, the lightning is free to do damage with no one yelling at him. 


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