The Pampered Lapdog and the Misguided Ass

The Pampered Lapdog and the Misguided Ass

by Guy Wetmore Carryl.

The Pampered Lapdog and the Misguided Ass



A woolly little terrier pup

Gave vent to yelps distressing,

Whereat his mistress took him up

And soothed him with caressing,

And yet he was not in the least

What one would call a handsome beast.


He might have been a Javanese,

He might have been a Jap dog,

And also neither one of these,

But just a common lapdog,

The kind that people send, you know,

Done up in cotton, to the Show.


At all events, whate’er his race,

The pretty girl who owned him

Caressed his unattractive face

And petted and cologned him,

While, watching her with mournful eye,

A patient ass stood silent by.


“If thus,” he mused, “the feminine

And fascinating gender

Is led to love, I, too, can win

Her protestations tender.”

And then the poor, misguided chap

Sat down upon the lady’s lap.


Then, as her head with terror swam,

“This method seems to suit you,”

Observed the ass, “so here I am.”

Said she, “Get up, you brute you!”

And promptly screamed aloud for aid:

No ass was ever more dismayed.


[Illustration: “SAID SHE, ‘GET UP, YOU BRUTE YOU!'”]


They took the ass into the yard

And there, with whip and truncheon,

They beat him, and they beat him hard,

From breakfast-time till luncheon.

He only gave a tearful gulp,

Though almost pounded to a pulp.


THE MORAL is (or seems, at least,

To be): In etiquette you

Will find that while enough’s a feast

A surplus will upset you.

Toujours, toujours la politesse, if

The quantity be not excessive.


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