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The Leopard

The Leopard And The Cunning Fox

An adaptation of The Leopard

A leopard hunting in the woods found a fox. He immediately grabbed the fox to eat. The inevitable fate of the fox was evident, but the fox showed no fear. Instead, the fox looked the leopard in the eye and said firmly, “How dare you kill me?”

Surprised, the leopard asked, “why?”

The fox responded with some arrogance, raising his voice.

“I am the one whom the Lord has appointed king of all animals! If you kill me, it will be against the will of the Lord. Do you not know that?”

The fox kept speaking about failing the Lord, and when the fox noticed that the leopard’s face showed signs of suspicion, he added –

“Let me prove this to you. Let’s go into the forest. You follow me, and you will see how all animals fear me. I am the king.”

The leopard agreed. The fox walked proudly in front of the leopard in the forest. All the animals were terrified by the fox when they saw the leopard walking behind him. So they ran away.

The fox said proudly, “What I told you is undoubtedly true, as you just saw. Is there any animal standing before me who was not terrified of my presence?”

The leopard had nothing to say but to acknowledge that the fox was right. He shook his head and said, “You’re right. You’re the king.”

Thus the fox was safe.

Moral: The fox had an idea and the courage to implement it. Without the courage to venture out, your magnificent ideas may never come to fruition.

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