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The Art of Yoga and Its Role in Your Health

Consider yoga for your relaxation. Read on to find some tips on the art of yoga that can enhance your mental and physical health.

The Art of Yoga and Its Role in Your Health

Humans go through a lot daily; most of the time, all a human being needs to do is breathe. However, it will shock you that most humans don’t know how to do that. This could be because they don’t understand the importance of it or simply because they are not familiar with ways of doing it. In this article, we will dissect different ways you could relax and bring about your health and mental growth. Let’s dive right in then!

One of the best ways to relax is to engage in a spiritual exercise that focuses on harmonising your mind and body. That exercise is known as yoga. Yoga is not only an exercise that strengthens your mind and body; it is also very essential for your health. Let’s say you are recovering from surgery or a long-termed illness, you will notice that your therapist will recommend some yoga poses for you to do daily, and after doing them, you will feel relaxed from head to toe.

But how exactly can yoga poses help with my mental and physical health? Well, we hope this will answer the question.

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Benefits of Yoga to Your Health

1. Yoga helps brighten your mood: If after a long day at work, you come back home and your favourite television show isn’t just helping you have a perfect night, turning to yoga can help improve your mood. Research has shown that when you engage yourself in yoga poses, your body releases hormones that lower negative feelings and increase your level of alertness and enthusiasm for life. So, if you need to get your groove back, go down and do some yoga.

2. Yoga helps you sleep better: Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to read that boring book or stare at the ceiling for hours before you can fall asleep. All you need to do is maintain a consistent yoga routine, and in less than a week, your body will be able to fall asleep easily. And what’s more? You will be able to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest every time.

3. Yoga benefits heart health: Stress that leads to high blood pressure is one major contributor to heart failure. Research has shown that when you engage in yoga poses, you will reduce your level of stress, you will reduce excess weight, and in all, you will get a healthier heart.

4. Yoga helps relieve back pain: Yoga involves a lot of stretching of the bones. Mostly, back pains are due to clenched bones or dislocated bones, so when doing yoga poses, you are easing your back pain and increasing mobility.

5. Yoga helps manage stress: This cannot be overemphasised. If you need to relax, the best thing to do is to stretch. Once you do that, you are bringing your body to a different level of relief that it didn’t get because it had been clenched for so long. Yoga helps a lot in stress management.

6. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility: When you hold a pose for five to fifteen minutes, you are strengthening your bones and muscles. The deep breathing that you do helps improve blood flow.

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Types of Yoga Poses to Do

There are many yoga poses; some especially recommended for your mental and physical health will be discussed. These include –

1. Tree Pose: This helps in improving strength and balance. To accomplish this pose, take the position of a tree by balancing one foot and holding your other foot above your knee. Do this for one minute.

2. Corpse Pose: Lie down and gently stretch your limbs away from your body. Ensure that your palm is facing up and clear your mind by indulging in a deep breathing routine. Do this for fifteen minutes to help with stress management.

3. Downward Dog Pose: Here, you will be taking the position of a downward dog. All you have to do is get on all fours and bring your sitting bones up as you tuck your toes inside to be able to make a triangle shape. Lengthen your spine and tailbone. This yoga pose has great benefits for heart failure.

4. Leg-up-the-wall Pose: Here, you will keep your sitting bones close to the wall, your back on the ground, and your legs up on the wall. You can remain in this position for fifteen minutes. The position helps to relieve stress and anxiety, and it helps you to sleep better.

5. Cat-Cow Pose: When on all fours, you will ensure that your palms are underneath your shoulder and your knees are underneath your hips. Inhale deeply, curve your lower back and bring your head up. Exhale deeply, bring your abdomen in, arch your spine and bring your head down.

Yoga poses you can practice as a beginner include –

● Downward-facing dog

● Warrior I and II

● Extended side angle

● Bridge pose

● Cobbler’s pose

● Happy baby’s pose and so much more.

Yoga has a lot of benefits to our health, as we have seen, and studies conducted by several scientists have proven that it helps in arthritis, chronic pain, oncology, women’s health, balance issues, osteopenia, and so much more. So if you haven’t developed the art of yoga, what are you waiting for?

Chose a yoga pose from one of our selections and start the journey to a healthy mind and a physically fit body!


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