Symptoms  Of Depression You Should Know

Have you ever been depressed? While it is natural to feel sad sometimes, feeling depressed is absolutely different. In this article, we will look at symptoms of depression you should know.

Symptoms  Of Depression

Sadness, loss of interest in things or loneliness are usually caused by major depressive disorder. When you begin to experience them and they last for more than two weeks then you should see a doctor.

Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression symptoms manifest themselves differently in people. For some people, it affects the way they act, relates with people or performs their daily task at work or home. Below are some of the things you will experience if you are suffering from depression.


A lot of people find it difficult to let go of past failures and shortcomings. When their lives aren’t going as planned they blame and hate themselves.

This leads to frequent feelings of guilt and worthlessness, causing them to avoid relating with people and feeling misunderstood.


Sadness is one of the most common symptoms of depression, it is usually a feeling of emptiness that persists for more than two weeks.

When a person goes through this, they erroneously begin to think that things will never get better, a state of hopelessness.

Note that this feeling of sadness, if it continues for more than two years might evolve into what is known as dysthymia, a chronic depression



People who suffer from depression are known to blame themselves for their symptoms, even though depression happens as a result of imbalanced chemicals in the brain.

If you always find yourself questioning your ability to get things right or blaming yourself when things aren’t going well, those are symptoms of depression.


Do you get easily frustrated or angered over insignificant matters?

A person who suffers levels of tension would find it difficult to get through the day. For example, some men would become aggressive if they feel they can’t get some things done while women will get angry one moment and teary another moment.


People who are depressed frequently lack energy or feel exhausted all the time. Even simple things like taking a shower or getting out of bed might seem like they demand more energy than one has. Other depressive symptoms like withdrawal and apathy may also be influenced by fatigue. It’s possible that the mere concept of activity or stepping outside overwhelms you.


Many people withdraw from the world or isolate themselves from activities and people as a result of depression. They feel the world should end already as they have become numb to everything around them. They do not believe that anything will bring them joy.

Sleep Problems

Insomnia is a major sign of depression too. During this experience sleeping patterns will change from not being able to fall asleep to not wanting to get out of bed. These symptoms can lead to fatigue which increases depression symptoms such as losing concentration.

Physical Pain

There are also physical symptoms of depression such as body pains, cramps and headaches which occur during this period. People may refuse to attend school or go to work because of the pains they feel which emanate from lack of sleep, restlessness and mere worry.

Suicidal Thoughts

Death-related thoughts or fantasies are a major warning indication that requires immediate attention. Doctors report that elderly men frequently have indications of suicidal thinking.

This line of reasoning may go unnoticed at first, leading loved ones to mistakenly attribute depressive symptoms to ageing-related changes in mental health.

Depression and particularly suicidal thoughts are never considered to be natural feelings.

If you are contemplating harming yourself, get help right now. A doctor at the emergency room can assist you in receiving mental health care until these emotions pass.


Lack of Appetite Or Excessive Eating

Losing weight and losing interest in food are frequently symptoms of depression. Others who experience depression end up overeating and gaining weight.

This is due to the possibility that someone may become so angry or depressed that they resort to eating as a way to forget about their issues. However, consuming too much might result in weight gain and poor energy levels. You may feel weak and have poor energy levels if you don’t eat enough.


People who are depressed may find themselves crying always for no particular reason. This is also a symptom of depression and is seen mostly in women who just gave birth.


Depressed people often lose interest in things that once excited them, pleasurable things like sightseeing, hiking or even sex.

In conclusion, a lot of people do not discover in time that they are suffering from depression and as such, do not seek help. However, it is advisable that you always look out for these symptoms because ignoring them might be very harmful in the nearest future.

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