Street Food To Try When Next You Are In Lagos

Street Food To Try When Next You Are In Lagos


We all know Nigeria has many different cultures, and these diverse cultures have their foods; some of these meals are street foods. Lagos has the highest population of Nigerians, which is why it comes as little or no surprise to everyone that it acts like the melting point for all ethnic groups in Nigeria. As such, Lagos sports different street foods. These foods leave people’s taste buds craving more.

These street foods will have anyone in the busy Lagos traffic running out of their cars to get a taste of the mouth-watering delicacies. Without any further ado, below is a list of the best street foods to try in Lagos.



1. SuyaSuya

This mouth-watering delicacy originated from the North, and out of the benevolence of the Northerners, they were kind enough to allow the rest of Nigerians to taste this street food. Now, Nigerians can’t have enough of it. Smoked and grilled meat, known as Suya, is a street food that Nigerians eat every other week. Little advice, make sure you have a budget

before you go on that evening stroll with a loved one or alone to get this street food. The special taste that suya has will surely give your taste buds a treat they haven’t experienced in a long time.




2. BoleBole

The next on our list is roasted plantain. Roasted over an open fire, this is another street food you should definitely try. Although it may be seen occasionally in Lagos because of the

planting season, when you see this popular street food, you just have to give it a try. Due to preference, ripe and unripe plantain is used in making bole. Usually, this street food is sold and eaten with roasted groundnut or sauce with roasted yam. Some sellers prepare it with roasted fish or chicken. When you visit Lagos, treat your taste buds to this spectacular street food.



3. Roasted Yam Roasted Yam

Some Nigerians confuse roasted yam with fried yam but make no mistake, these two street foods are totally different. In Lagos, you can’t see a street food vendor selling roasted yam alongside fried yam. Fried yam is usually paired with fried plantains and potatoes, while the street food known as roasted yam is sold alongside roasted plantain and potatoes. This might just be a very healthy food regardless of how it’s prepared because it is often served with vegetables like a fresh bitter leaf, fresh onions, and a sprinkle of salt. If needed, a special palm oil sauce can be prepared and served alongside it. If you are craving this street food in the morning and you just want to have it immediately, that won’t be possible. This is because this particular street food is sold mainly in the afternoon and nighttime.


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4. AbachaAbacha

Abacha is made from the cassava plant. A plant all Nigerians need to thank God for, not only because it gives us the lifesaver, garri, that all Nigerians can’t do without, but also because it can be processed to get abacha. This dish originated from the Eastern part of Nigeria; it is a major street food in Lagos. Abacha is usually sold by hawkers, who you can easily spot in the mid-afternoons and early evenings because of their transparent boxes. Abacha, which is served with fresh vegetables,

onions, special palm oil sauce, pepper-soaked ponmo (cow skin), and smoked fish goes for a small sum of money.



5. Roasted CornRoasted Corn

As mouth-watering as this street food is, it, unfortunately, cannot be found every day on the streets of Lagos. This is because corn is a seasonal plant, meaning that it has seasons in which it grows in Nigeria. But once the plant is ready to be harvested, it is found everywhere in Lagos. People may eat this street food alone, but it is often sold or served with roasted coconut or African pear. This is street food to look out for whenever it comes out.




6. Ewa AgoyinEwa Agoyin

Let me tell you something – you are not allowed to say that you do not like beans if you have never tasted Lagos Ewa Agoyin. Because once this food touches your taste buds, you must rethink that statement. The street food is sold with black fried sauce and palm oil. You should always try this street food with Agege bread; trust us, it can never go wrong. If you want, you can also try it with yam, plantain, or even garri. All these combos will come out delicious. If you really want to try the Agege bread and you are wondering where you can get it, don’t let your mind think too hard because once you see an Ewa Agoyin hawker, a bread seller is always behind her! This street food is served with different forms of meat depending on your choice – you may have ponmo, beef, or fish.


7. Ofada Rice and SauceOfada rice

The name of the street food is derived from its place of origin. It came from Ofada, a small town in Abeokuta, in the Southwest region of Nigeria. This delicacy is not only a street food in Lagos; it is also sold in restaurants and canteens. However, the taste that the street food brings is totally different. It may be for this unique and special taste that they make their customers look for them all around Lagos because they are rarely found in the streets. If you are a meat lover, you would not want to miss this. Ofada rice is wrapped in green leaves and served with a special sauce made with different types of meat. We have beef, ponmo, roundabout (intestines), shaki (tripe), egg, fish, and many others.



8. AkaraAkara

If you live in Lagos and have never tasted this street food, you need to get out more often. This street food is mostly sold in the morning, and Lagosians use it as breakfast. They can take it with bread or just as it is. It is usually served with pap or custard. The ingredients used in preparing it include – beans, peppers, onions, salt, maggi, etc.




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9. Mai Shayi’s Treats(noodles, fried eggs, bread and tea):Mai Shayi's

Mai Shayi is another word for the one who makes tea. The seller is usually an Aboki (friend). The best way to spot a Mai Shayi is to look out for a table packed with noodles, eggs, and bread. They have a special way of mixing their tea and if you are tired of regular fried eggs, allow a Mai Shayi in Lagos to make one for you, and your taste buds will never remain the same. With the Mai Shayi, you have the option of eating your food there at their stand or having it packaged for take-out, and you can eat at home.



10. Zobo Zobo

We have discussed many street foods that you can have. Here is a drink for you. When you finish eating your food, you will need a drink to step it down. Zobo is the best street drink for that. It is made from dried hibiscus leaves. It is a refreshment drink that can even be served at parties. Zobo is usually purple; like other drinks, it is best served cold.






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