Seven Weird Food Combinations To Try In Nigeria

Despite the array of delicacies that the Nigerian food is made of, Nigerians continue to explore food combinations to make their experiences even more exciting. Here are Seven Weird Food Combinations To Try In Nigeria.


Seven Weird Food Combinations To Try In Nigeria

Most people love stability; some love to try new things every day. But one thing is sure; food is life, and with food, you can rarely go wrong. Nevertheless, there are some combos that Nigerian have tried that raise eyebrows. Combos like toothpaste and bread (we know that bread goes with many things, but this should be considered a clean shot at suicide), okra and bread, bread and pepper soup, beans and eba, and so much more. 

Some of the food combinations that Nigerians have tried are very good, and we compiled a list of food combinations that may look weird at first, but once you try them, you will have no choice but to fall in love with them.

Jollof spaghetti and beans - wired food1. Jollof Rice, Spaghetti, and Palm Oil Beans: 

Ask any Nigerian, and they will tell you how much they enjoy Jollof rice. Many people have referred to spaghetti as a relative of rice, so it makes perfect sense why it will go so well with beans. Also, combining two spicy foods like Jollof rice and spaghetti brings out a taste that explodes in people’s mouths. And when you combine these foods with beans, you are sure to have a taste of Heaven. So if you are new to the country and looking for mini-weird things to try out, this is a good way to start.


Beans and bread 2. Bread and Beans: 

As we said before, bread goes with literally anything. It goes with pap, egg sauce, sardines, and the infamous beans. This food combination is mostly taken by people who want a heavy meal because ten spoons of this heavenly dish are sure to fill you up. If you really want to enjoy it, make a sandwich out of these two by placing the beans in between the bread and taking a huge bite of the juicy food combination. And if you are wondering what to use as cereal with this food combination, we advise using a bowl of oats. One taste of it, and you will be smiling until you finish the food.


Rice and okra - wired foods3. Rice and Okra: 

Now, before you say ‘yuck’, try this food combination on a good Tuesday afternoon. It doesn’t get better than this. The conventional way of eating rice, especially white rice in Nigeria, is by combining it with stew, vegetables, or beans, but if you are an out-of-the-box thinker who wants to try new things, try this combination, it is sure to make you fly. From the taste of okra soup to the sliminess of the food, the mixture of it with rice brings out a flavour like no other.





4. Bread and Egusi: 

Don’t be surprised that bread appears twice on this list because as we said before, bread can go with literally anything, apart from toothpaste. When trying out this food combination, it is advisable to keep the mindset of Egusi only going well with eba like garri and semo at home. And if you are still skeptical about it, dip a slice of bread in Egusi soup and allow your taste buds to thank you for the flavour you have added to them.



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Sardines and yam 5. Sardine and Yam: 

Most people may want to try sardines and bread, but everyone will agree that such a food combination is totally overrated. So what’s the point of living in ancient times when we can evolve and try new things? Substitute yam for bread and see the result. This shouldn’t be so weird, seeing that most people enjoy yam with palm oil mixed with ingredients like crayfish, maggi, and dry pepper. If you enjoy the food combination of yam with fish sauce and groundnut oil, then this shouldn’t be such a new thing to you.



6. Afang, Egusi and Okra Soup: 

Do you think it’s a tad bit much? Well, we can assure you that it’s not. Nigerians have been known for always wanting to try out different things, and mixing three types of soup is a common practice in Akwa Ibom State, especially among the youths. The food combination usually goes well with garri and semo than with fufu. So when next you are in Nigeria and want to mix soups, mix these three. You can thank us later.



Indomie noodles and bread  - wired foods7. Noodles and Bread: 

A little advice, do not start eating this without having a drink or water beside you. It is a heavy meal that you will absolutely need water to continue enjoying it. The food combination is not the best for most people, but a selected few that have enjoyed it will tell you that it’s the best food combination ever. You might as well try it who knows, you might end up loving it.




Have you tried any of these seven wired foods combinations or maybe have some that are even weirder?  Just like we have shred Seven Weird Food Combinations To Try In Nigeria, can you share some wired food combinations we will find people savouring in your country?


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