Robot Movie In The 80s

In the 80s, advanced technology such as AI Robotics and other computed technology existed in movies. However, it has focused on kids and admirers of tech from 2000 down till date. Robot movie in the 80s such as Terminator, RoboCop, and Short Circuit came along and got engagement and views a few years after their production.

Although robot movies in the 80s are criticized for not having a better script, these are examples of robotic 80s movies that still attract much attention and can get you to watch them all day without getting tired.

So, if you are interested in knowing about robot movies in the 80s, you will find them here in this article.


Robot Movies


Year – 1984

A couple of years before Arnold Schwarzenegger had California governable, he was a major action star, and ‘Terminator’ was one of his first set of movies shot.

In the movie, Terminator, he played the major role of a robot assassin sent back to the past to kill John Connor before he could grow and become the leader of a resistance movement.

In the future, humanity is fighting for freedom against programmed machines; and Michael Biehn went back to the past, intending to protect Connor’s not-yet-pregnant mom.

Well, Terminator is one of the robotic movies in the 80s that you would not get tired of staring at the screen when it plays. Other movies like RoboCop took its major scenes from Terminator as inspiration that helped them scale through. 

Not to hype Terminator, but the movie is considered the most popular of all robotic movies in the 80s.



 Year – 1987

The second on our list is Robocop which is also as interesting as Terminator. While Terminator was produced in 1984, Robocop came into existence in 1987. Robocop was so violent that it almost got an X-rating but did not eventually.

In the movie, Weller played Alex Murphy, a Detroit cop in the future, who is killed, and his corpse mangled in a battle against Clarence Boddiker and gang members of ultraviolet criminals.

The corporation OCP then forced the body and transformed him into RoboCop.

With time, Murphy struggles to recall who he was before his transformation as he cleans up the city and defeats Biddiker and OCP executives.

You see, why this movie amazes me – because Robocop was a revolution in special effects and transformed the robot into a humanoid.


Deadly Friend

Year – 1986

The Deadly Friend is a plot of Wes Craven, who turned robots into a vehicle.

In the plot, Paul is a robot genius, and when he travels to a new town, carrying along his robot, he befriends Samantha.

The robot acts more as Paul’s protector and friend. When the robot is abused by Sam’s abusive father, she implants the robot’s brain into her friends with the hope to save her.

However, the situation gets complicated as Sam creates a super-strong killing machine that needs to be stopped.

This movie is very interesting among 80s robot movies.


Short Circuit –

Year – 1986

One of the movies Steve Guttenberg shot long before he became fodder for bad jokes is Short Circuit alongside Ally Sheedy.

The Short Circuit robot, Johnny 5, was one among the several robots developed by the military as a powerful weapon. However, when a freak lightning bolt strikes Johnny 5, he becomes self-aware and sneaks out of the military zone to experience the outside world.

This movie happens to be loved by the Americans due to its complex piece of machinery for the time. You see, many of the human-like activities done by Johnny were complete tricks detected by humans.

The movie is said to have a sequel; the third script is still in action to come through but never materialized.



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Blade Runner

If you haven’t watched Blade Runner, you are missing a lot.

The movie is a science fiction script of Harrison Ford as Rick Decker, a blade runner that tracks down renegade replicants that die after only being active for a very short time.

Well, they were designed to assist humans on colonies outside the earth.

However, after a while, a small group rebels and sets a return to earth to seek their creator and an escape from their predestined death, and Ford is tasked with tracking them down.

I would say you should try this movie out if you haven’t.



Although these robot movies were featured in the 80s, they still get many views today.

Terminator, RoboCop, Blade Runner, and Short Circuit are some robot movies from the 80s you should watch. 

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