Yesterday, I wrote about things that educed ocean from the pocket of my eyes.

the mother of faith is a joy who knows not the numbers of children who wear the dresses of our skins.

what remains of humans to care for is a time without the use of a watch, & days are counted like stars even when we’re clueless.

patience is beautiful, but everything is slaughtered by a boy who dwells in the mouth of pain.

today, I write about birds, plants, rainbows, a shining sun & a smiling moon;

I write about trees that give birth to fruitful drinks.

the sun that births lights into our skins through the body of a rainbow.

the sun is not known as the light of the night that illuminates the world, but a friendly moon.

today we’re fishing for the sake of our bellies, tomorrow we’re fishing for the sake of our children wearing faces of our forefathers.

that our memories will become photographs in our children’s hearts.


Olalekan Hussein

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