Proven Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Social media platforms have a lot of benefits. Apart from having a community, communicating with friends and family, and getting updated on what is happening near you, you can use social media to generate money. Well, you might still be doubting the possibility of making money on social media here and there, but then I will be addressing the proven ways to make money on Instagram in this article.

Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok can generate income for you. However, I will only address the proven ways to make money on Instagram in this article.

So, without wasting time, let’s proceed –

Make Money on Instagram

Is It True That Instagram Users Make Money On Instagram?

Yes, Instagram users make money using Instagram.

Well, it might continue to seem like a mystery to you that to make on Instagram is real. You see, from micro-influencers to Megasters get paid on the platform as we all heard of it in 2021 as The Rock earned $1.5 million from each of his Instagram posts.


What Are The Proven Ways To Start Making Money On Instagram?

The proven ways to make money on Instagram are hereby listed below –


Go Live With Badge –

Enabling badges during Instagram live video sessions is one of the proven ways to make money on Instagram.

During Instagram live sessions, there are tokens your followers can afford to support you financially, at $1.99, $0.99, $2.99, or $4.99.

Also, creators receive 100% of the badge revenue, minus any pesky surcharges or service fees.


Allow Ads On Instagram Video –

Another way to make money on Instagram is to Enable ‘In-Stream Video Ads’ and then let commercials roll through your videos on Instagram.

However, if you choose to Enable ‘In-Stream Video Ads’, you will receive 55% of the ad revenue.

This way of making money on Instagram depends on the number of your viewers, hence, more viewers means more money which is paid to you monthly.


Partner With A Brand –

Partnering with a brand is not a direct way of making money on Instagram, although it is proven.

You can earn more by partnering with a brand.

This idea works this way, a brand needs to increase its customers, they meet you, have an idea, and you start promoting their services as you make your followers key in to purchase their products and services.

You see, the easiest way to make this happen is to create content that educates about the brand’s products and services.



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Reach New Milestones And Receive Bonuses –

Instagram has published a few ways to motivate content creators in the form of bonuses and rewards.

Once you enable ads on the Instagram video, you earn a one-time bonus.

Reels play bonuses also make it available once your Instagram reels have up to a certain view.

You see, once reels play is activated on Instagram, you are subjected to use 30 days to rack up views in reels you have selected yourself.

The more views you have, the more money drops into your wallet. However, the payment threshold is personalized, hence a creator needs 359 million viewers to get $35,000.


Open Up Shop –

You can convert your Insta handle to a business or creator account, upload your product catalog, and broaden your services and product reach and appeal via Instagram.

Also, you can always include your products in your content, this will make more of your followers patronize your business.


Do Instagram Pay Users Base On The Numbers Of Followers?

No, Instagram does not pay users based on the number of followers. However, your followers play an important role when you want to make money on Instagram, and this is where you implement, “the more views, the more money.” Hence, to get more views, you need more followers.


How Do I Get The Verification Badge On Instagram?

To earn money on Instagram, you need the verification badge, and to get the verification badge, you need to comply with Instagram monetization policies which are listed below –

  • Following Instagram terms and conditions (community standards)
  • Sticking to Instagram payment terms
  • Living in an approved country
  • Sharing accurate and honest details when needed
  • Obeying Instagram’s content monetization policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Real That Instagram Pays?

Yes, Instagram pays its users, and I have taken the time to address how it works in this article.

How Much Can I Make From Instagram?

Well, you can make up to $5,000 monthly depending on what you are looking up and your work rate.

Does My Followers’ Quantity Affect What I Can Make On Instagram?

Yes, the amount of your followers affects how much you can earn from Instagram. More followers are subject to more views which are subject to more money.



Regarding having the verification badge on Instagram, you can not get the verification badge if you are a government person, like if you are a politician, government official, or an aspirant, and the like.

Also, you will need to gain natural followers and maintain your follower base.



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