Popular Dance Shows (Worldwide)

Are you wondering about popular dance shows that could keep you entertained?

Well, I will be walking you through the popular dance shows that are entertaining with amazing performances that will keep you anticipating.

Moreover, you could watch these dance shows on Netflix and other top platforms of your choo.

So, without wasting time, let us proceed with popular dance shows worldwide.

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Popular Dance Shows(Worldwide)

Stay Up

For a couple of years since its establishment, Disney has always been relevant in the production of movies, series, and shows. Well, Stay Up is arguably one of the wholesome and uplifting series on the Disney Channel.

The series covers CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, two bonded friends intending to groom into professional dancers. Well, they finally earned the role of backup dancers with much-needed help on “Shake It Up, Chicago!”

To sum it up, CeCe and Rocky have challenges to overcome to improve their dancing skills and maintain their social lives in school. Moreover, the road to becoming professional dancers for the two friends is not easy, but they continue to keep their heads up with motivation.



If you have been around dance shows for a while, you should know about “Ballerinas.” “Bunheads” is the old slang term for Ballerinas, so you might already have a prediction of the series’ outcome.

At the moment, there is only one season of Bunheads. Hence, if you are looking for a popular dance show with many entertaining long scenes, Bunheads will not be enough for you, but you can look up to other dance shows we have listed in this article.

The dance show is about Michael Simms, who became a showgirl after quitting ballet. Before her eyes was a very desperate future, but she feels marriage is her answer as she openly married an admirer, who takes her into a small town.



Throwback to the 80s have it that “Fame” was one of the rare dance TV shows inspired by and named after a movie. The show was held at New York City High School for the Performing Arts and concentrated on the students there.

Well, to sum it up, the show’s first attention and recognition came when the characters in the movie joined and retained their roles as teachers and students in the show.

In addition, the show is not limited to school life and dancing; it is also about living up to the Department of performing arts expectations. It spoiled the audience with singing and instrument playing.


Hit The Floor

“Hit The Floor” is another hit dance show you would not want to miss out on. The dance show started being for everyone to watch, but as its plots evolved, it changed the impression of famous TV dance show dances for children and young adults only.

The drama in “Hit The Floor” is about a cheerleading team of the LA Devils. The newest member, Ahsha Hayes, had conflicts with Jelena Howard, the captain. Ahsha is certain that her mom used to be part of the team, but she had no idea that the current coach was her biological father.


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Bring It

If popular dance shows were to be ranked based on the impact they have brought lately, “Bring It” would be at the top of the listings. Bring It! was first aired in 2014, and three new seasons were added in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

Well, before releasing the 5th season, the dance show organized a tour.

Dancing shows have always been amazing for young audiences because most of their plots are about a teenager with a dream, but it is different for “Bring It.”

“Bring It” is a plot of a dance coach with a team – Dancing Dolls with a wide range of championships and titles.


Dancing With The Stars

Other than having a huge advantage over many series of dance shows because it essentially invited celebrities and paired them with professional dancers such as Louis Amstel, “Dancing With The Stars has always been the participants’ favourite.

Moreover, this dance show is about duos completing tasks according to the given topics. They are judged and ranked based on scores and fans’ votes. The pair with the lowest score in each stage gets eliminated till there is a champion.


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Step Up: High Water

It is safer to rate ‘Step Up’ as the most successful dance show in the past few years. The dance show has a total of 3 seasons. The main characters of Step Up: High Waters are Tal and Janelle, which are twins.

The twins are from Ohio, and they face challenges in the notorious art school – High Water, although it was not only for them but all students face these challenges.

Every move they make might lead to a test that will undoubtedly be the biggest chance for them to improve. However, how far are they willing to go? Would they let go of the precious moments of youth or live their life first? It is worth finding out.


So You Think You Can Dance

As of 2023, SYTYCD is still thriving despite being a 2000s dance TV show. It has a great reputation with the adaptation to 26 versions for 37 countries worldwide.

The original format of this show was a competition for dancers with various backgrounds and experience levels.

The content of this dance show requires the dancers to step out of their comfort zone and perform at a top level in different styles. Every week, the dancer considered to not perform much will have to leave as the road to becoming the champion is not that easy.


The Next Step

“The Next Step” is a popular Canadian dance TV show. The plot is about a group of dancers from Toronto who have the talent, passion, and ambition to turn their names International. Each episode of this series features at least a new routine that the ambitious dancers perform later.

The series received positive feedback for its well-arranged choreography and routine. To sum it up, the energetic animation certainly contributed to the overall success.


Dance Moms

Dance Moms’ is one of the best dance TV shows, if not the best. Well, you would not want to miss out on Dance Moms due to well-arranged and energetic scenes.

The total of 8 seasons of the dance TV show focuses primarily on dancing mommies, just as its name surmises. Moreover, you do not need to be a mom to enjoy the show.

It is no surprise that a series like Dance Moms has some controversies such as vulgar disputes and abusive tendencies from Abby Lee Miller, still, the drama is undeniably spicy and hard to ignore.




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