What Happened to Us?

by Gloria Urube

We used to be known as the land of the free

With all the code of conduct, you can’t see

Like a feather, all is whirled by the wind

Gradually into thin air fuzzing out is our peace.

What happened to us!!

Our safety was once secured

All in unison, living a life of freedom

Our fight for peace to be restored

And our opinion is never considered an option

What happened to us!!!

We are known as the giant of Africa

Where are the strength and vigor?

To push through the barricade of poverty

And pull down the wall of mediocracy

Our land is flowing with milk and honey, they say

The honeycomb is dry and nonsticky

The source of our milk is out of bound

All we get is the stinging pain of bees.

We are the prowess generation!!!

And we’re never going to give up on our dreams and pursuit of a better life.

I believe in us

And we are going to make a change.

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